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    Secure contact with ATU and team

      I've been giving this a little thought but not sure what the best solution would be.


      There are times where some important info that could aid in a fix needs to be relayed to A_Trey_U and his team but not announced on the public forum.  Examples of this are of exploits and glitches that would cause havok if everybody starts to abuse it.  The XM25 glitch is a good example of this.


      The problem here is that, thanks to people spamming out his PM inbox with useless crap, he no longer checks this.  This means that another means of sending him this information will be needed...but I'm not sure what.  The other problem is that it would be too easy for those that spammed out his inbox before to do it again with any new method.


      I know that there is Twitter but the Direct Message function is limited in characters.  I was thinking of sending a brief description with a link to a document with the full details.  Not sure how viable that will be.


      There is the possibility to have the community voting on a trusted person or two who has access to a second account that A_Trey_U can receive PMs in.  The downside is that the voted people will need to be trusted to relay all details of the info to A_Trey_U and also have to deal with filtering out the spam.  Again, not sure how good an option that would be...


      Does anybody have any ideas?

      A_Trey_U, do you have a suggestion?