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    Why I feel Blops 2 is better then Ghost


      1. Connection. At least for me my connection on Black Ops 2 has always been great. On Ghost so far it has been abysmal with no best connection option or ping bars to help the matter.


      2. Anti camping game design elemaents and map design in general kept this effective yet thouroughlt boring play style subdued.

      Ghost on the other hand you basicly dont play without packing a tent.


      3.Weaker knife. Black Ops 2 knife felt more like a last ditch effort for when you had no ammo. Ghost is back to the super knife that can ignore point blank automatic weapon fire.


      4. Foot steps. They didnt factor much into Black Ops 2 at all. Ghost is a soundwhores heaven in fact the first perk I unlock for any class is dead silence just to give myself a fighting chance against these sneaks.


      5 Spawning. Black Ops 2 was good with spawning. Ghost spawns are so amazingly bad that I believe they made it that way deliberately just for the random element.


      6. Visibility. In black Ops 2 the soldiers tend to stand out. In Ghost they can hide in open view.


      7. Map design. Black Ops 2 was always action packed with fire fights and score streaks evrywhere. In Ghost I often find myself checking the scoreboard just to make sure the other players havent all quit as most players tend to camp around the huge perimiters with the no mans land in the middle.

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          I agree that right now BOPS2 is better than Ghosts. Played all COD since the start and Ghosts has gone back in the box until I hear it's playable. However BOPS2 still has a lot of faults that continually P**S me off. UK here and I play against mostly mainland Europe = lag kills . Far too many QS and youtube clip kids looking for the trickshot that will make other children worship them and worst are the spawn killers who do not play the objective.

          Anyhow I am stuck with BOPS2 until either Ghosts gets fixed or next year when it's Treyarch's turn to rehash a dead donkey.

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            I agree with pretty much everything. I loved scorestreaks in Black Ops. Scorestreaks encouraged the cretinious camping community out of their hermit holes and actually attempt to cap a flag in domination every once in a while. (Although it is annoying when you have the players that exploit people playing the objective to benefit their own kill death ratio).


            Within 18 hours of Ghosts coming through my letterbox, I sold it back to Game. I was that disgusted and bored with it.

            It's attempting to copy a lot of elements from battlefield but has fully, absolutely, profoundly fallen flat on it's backside.


            I cannot wait for the next Treyarch offering. Hopefully they'll stick with the scorestreaks.

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              Agree 100%. I'd also add art style and UI to that list. Players 'pop' more with the colour scheme in BO2. I also like a good gunfight not the instadeaths in Ghosts. I don't remember once taking hits and surviving in that game.

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                BO2 is just way more fun, despite all of its flaws.  I played Ghosts for the first week and put in a bunch of hours grinding away with really no incentive to push on.  You can buy all of the gear and perks with Squad Points (that you can earn easy enough in Squads) virtually taking away that addictive quality of achievement that comes with BO2.


                So I reset my Stats to 0 and got busy.  Almost to 1st Prestige and having a blast.

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                  Here some more.


                  The Dog. I mean really what the hell is up with that. You kill a camper then get insta killed by mans best friend.


                  The IMS. Because claymores and Bouncing betties and IED,s apparently are not cheap enough already.


                  The Ghille suit.  Gives you a choice. Either looks like a tree or be at a disadvantage to those who do.


                  Strikezone! Take Dome and reskin so its hard to see other players and then destroy halfway through the match so its a more open mess.

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                    Becuz you can do so much more in black ops2 then you can in ghost's and in my mind and opiton is that the best thing about ghosts is the campain thats it :/

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                      I only played Ghosts offline at my buddy's and i think it's **** compared to BO2. then again they are totally different playing differences. Ghosts is (modern warfare) BO2 has da zombies!!!! and i think all around BO2 looks a hell of a lot better!!! ghosts just doesn't cut it for me.... i will bewaiting for BO3

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                        well the first black ops was better than all COD , so why this wouldnt be the same? it's the best to date