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      I am Brazilian Portuguese post on


      Venho por meio desta mensagem comunicar que hoje as 9 horas e 30 minutos estava jogando Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 quando um player chamado [Removed by Moderator] hackeou a sala pq quando ele acabou a partida minha tela ficou toda xadrez e ele nao aparece por favor ele quase me rackeou espero que a equipe a treyarch esteja cinte e expulse ele do cod bo2 Obrigado !!!


      message in English


      I hereby communicate that message today nine hours and 30 minutes I was playing Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 when a player named [Removed by Moderator] hacked coz the room when he finished the game my screen went all chess and he appears not please me he almost rackeou hope the team Treyarch is Cinte and expel him from cod bo2 Thanks!

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          Re: Hackers

          yep, they will , but dont forget to report him there ,from the menu , report hackers and boosters

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            Re: Hackers

            Name and shame is not allowed on the forum. Be sure to report players in-game who violate the rules. It is the official and most effective method to notify Treyarch of fowl play.


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