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    How did you get into zombies?

      I would like to know how everyone began with zombies, whether it was in WaW days or you just started playing on Black Ops 2 Origins.

      For me I hated zombies at first I thought it was heavily overrated. I needed a few more achievements to have 1000(G) in my first game and all i had left were the zombie achievements. I never really got into it because I didn't know how to play and none of my friends played zombies. Well i was going to try and learn.........Then i saw that there was a way to play with random people that i never knew you could. So i jumped on my first match on Ascension and bam..i sucked hahahha. The guy i was playing with carried us to round 30 and i was in awe at all the zombies coming after him(because i was constantly spectating). and i played more and more until i fell in love with zombies.


      Here is a more in depth video: