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    Ghosts was meant to be played on smaller TVs

      I've switched from a nice little 32" to a 50" inch. Changed my PS3 output to 1080 and switched my TVs picture to gaming for the faster refresh.


      I can say that I have a lot less problems seeing further into the distance on the smaller TV than the bigger one. Recently I've having some poor games because I haven't been able to see people. I'm looking right at them unknowingly. Even scoping in I have troubles. I got lucky once and found a guy that contrasted poorly with his environment and even still he was nothing but a smudging blur to me.


      I took my game into another room with my old TV and I was back at my good ol' self. Even at 720 I could still spot the enemy the second they waltzed into the open. My reflexes improved because of it and so did my accuracy. I know players have complained about the FOV being so low but I'm not sure if that's the issue. You can certainly see out into the distance but the resolution is poor as smaller points are getting stretched and blurred. I think this game functions much better on smaller TVs.