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      • 420 FRIENDLY!


      • Level 19 and looking to get 25 ASAP


      • Have a few people on Ps3 and Xbox but most are on Ps4


      • Won our first clan war in Platinum division




      1. Must have a mic and be willing to communicate
      2. Must speak 'MURICAN!
      3. Be on Ps4
      4. Be an active player
      5. Play with other people from the clan
      6. Participate in clan wars
      7. K/D and W/L must add up to at least 1.500 (EX: 1.00 K/D + 0.75 W/L = 1.75)


      • I you meet the requirements either apply on the app or go to http://godlytriad.clanwebsite.com/ click on roster and apply for the ps4 roster (website is new so not everyone in the clan has made an account yet)


      • Or add [azboytam2] and if he is online he will add you


      • JOIN NOW!