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    I have the ultimate zombie challenge idea.


      Ultimate zombie challenge-



      Although it would be hard to verify, I have an idea for a good zombie challenge. First start up a new account. Second, only play origins with pure randoms. ( no picking lobbies either- can't wait around for a knife or shottgunner to come along.) You have to ready up ASAP.  Third, you must go from bone to shotgun rank. 



      This was how, I believe, the ranking system was visualized to work. If you can get shotties while dragging scrubs along through every round then that would be the sign of a beast player. :-)

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          That's not an ultimate challenge... That's what I did on TZit, before the easier maps were released... What a challenge is, is to get shotgun rank on the account that you used to do EE hunts on TZit when it first came out, when you downed yourself all over the ******* map, playing 100 games with 100 downs each and never passing round 2...


          Welcome to DBZen, Yoda, LordGRRR, DeviantSandman, and InfamousChase...


          BO2 is dead, if you still have something to prove, then you have nothing to prove... Think about it...

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              there is no denying that y'all are beast players.  I think that this would be a good challenge for medium skilled players like myself, in preparation for the next game.


              Think about how hard this would be though with pure randoms. (you could never play with people you know)  I created an account and got shotguns in about three weeks playing solo, but I will still go down before round 10 sometimes trying to play with randoms.  My biggest challenge (when playing with randoms) seems to be a lack of points to get to other places of the map in order to build the staffs, and I'm stuck out in the open with the other randoms flopping around. Lol...

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                dude, are you not yoda?

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                All the best players got their Shotguns playing Tranzit, thats assuming that they bought the game before the first DLC was released. Back then there were no powerful weapons allowing people to camp with little risk involved. The biggest challenge with randoms is getting them to stay in the game after they go down, it can be hard for most players to get better at the game  if people keep quitting and ending the game on early rounds.