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    Call of Duty Online (China) to feature Zombie Mode!

      So... For those who are unaware, Call of Duty Online has been in development for sometime now as an exclusive title for the Chinese (and possibly other Asian countries) market.


      This never really bothered me as for a start, it is neither Infinity Ward or Treyarch who is developing the title, so it was just expected to be a collection of the best MP maps that have features in various CoD titles over the years, but it has recently been confirmed that the title will also feature a Zombie Mode, and one that looks like it could be better than what we got with BO2.


      Take a look and judge for yourself...



      Terminator zombies!?! I want this NOW!!!


      The original site can be found here : http://codol.qq.com/web201305/page/vide ... 0013r4ma1u


      As far as I know, it is exclusive to the Asian market and will be a PC only title, but I am not 100% on that one, and certainly hope it is NOT the case. Very jealous at the minute.


      Credit to RdJkr for finding this out. : CoDz Forum • View forum - General Zombies Discussion