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    Free Fall map

      I have the bonus map and i havent played it yet. I downloaded it and see its in my playlist for private match but i havent played it online, is it cause other people havent gotten it?

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          Re: Free Fall map

          it should be in the Ghost Moshpit game mode


          when you go to find game for Core it should be at the very bottom

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            Re: Free Fall map

            I pre-ordered the game with free fall map, and then when i picked it up, they ripped me off with not giving free fall version, but just the regular. Didn't notice it untill i got home and started playing. Next day i call to the store, and they came up with the shitty reason that free fall is only for ps4, not for ps3.


            Then a friend of mine, goes three days after ghosts came out, to the store to buy it, without pre-ordering it, and he get's a cod ghosts game with free fall map, and for only 55 Euro's. (No discount or something, it was sold at that price), and i payed 65 euro's for it. And on top of that, the code for my ghost-mask in multiplayer, was incorrect, it said that it was already used, but at the store, they said that i was probably trying to get another mask for someone else.


            But can't do **** about those things, other than just accept that i got ripped off.

            So i'm really hoping that they will release it later on for everyone, so i will get what i should have got from the start.

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