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    If you

      If you go 4-23 with 1 capture in domination. Go play TDM and sit in a corner, don't drag your team down by giving them killstreaks. Thanks.

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          1. Re: If you

          hilarious!!!  Always play in full party!!

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            2. Re: If you

            if he's 4-23, maybe start trying to help him capture?  pretty sure he didn't die 23 times sitting in a corner

            he died 23 times trying to win the game for you

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              3. Re: If you

              If he was actually trying to cap flags then he must have had his eyes closed and never shot his weapon. 

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                4. Re: If you

                try to capture flag B by yourself and see how many deaths you get

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                  5. Re: If you

                  My point is he would have at least gotten some kills while blindly rushing the flag.  Even when ur in a tough match u should at least get 15-20 kills with at least 4 caps!!  Anyone who doesnt is not very good.  This is my point

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                    6. Re: If you

                    your point is invalid.  while trying to capture a flag, you are pretty much naked.  you got 5 other snipers aiming at you.  you would be lucky to even see where the enemy is, let along getting a kill while capturing a flag

                    this tells me you don't play domination, or you are those who camps to avoid 4-23 kdr

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                      7. Re: If you

                      there is a difference between trying to cap a flag and blindly running towards B



                      i had a player on Bltz who went 15-51 with 5 caps agreed he capped the blitz five times but in the process he gave the enemy team 2 maniacs and ended 4 on the scoreboard your saying he was helping us win?

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                        8. Re: If you

                             If you won by less than 5 caps, yeah...he helped you win.

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                          9. Re: If you

                          I play domination in a party and have never had a teammate go 4-23 and 1 cap.  If the other team is rushing flags like we are then the worst that can happen is 15-25 with 4,5,6 caps.

                          If you are getting owned by a team of snipers then you just might be the worst Dom player of all time!!!

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