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    Zombies isn't over right?

      will it continue in the next treyarch cod?

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          Of course.

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            Seeing as how the just made it toy story...they mite have ended it to make way for ghosts: extinction. It was a cheap ending and they cant take it back. id prefer it done at this point knowing it all adds up to nothing.


            If they hadnt done that clip, the game could have continued easily. but now what? they cant take it back and act like "april fools hahaha!" At least they ended thestoryline with buried. yes there could have been more but it was completed. Richtofen destroyed maxis and controlls the universe, or maxis destroys the earth and has insest with his daughter for eternity.

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              Doubt it.

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                Everyone wants to forget the last line of the final scene, "My dad has a plan"


                Zombies will continue on, will it be from 3arc? Maybe, maybe not. You can take "father" or "dad" literally, and think that the story will continue with Maxis and whatever crew we'll have, or you can look further and see that "father" could mean Activision. As much as some of you hate to read it, infinity ward does better COD games than 3arc, I would disagree in the case of BO1 campaign (my all time fav) but that's just one persons view, on a business scale, IW just sells better so...do with that what you will, it's all just speculation at this point.

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                    That can be, but you also need to keep in mind, that a lot of the zombie-players, don't play multiplayer.

                    A lot of them, haven't bought ghosts, a few maybe did because extinction was mentioned on the forum, and how it would be the game mode that would take the zombie-players to ghosts. (I know it was speculation by some of the forum users, and nothing official, but still, people considered buying ghosts after these things were said)


                    But extinction still isn't zombies, and my opinion is, that they need to release a great dlc for extinction, because at this moment it sucks. In the beginning i thought it was a challenge to escape, but once you escaped once, you know how to do it the next time. Every time i escaped, i did everything just like the first time (besides revives and things you dig up), so the challenge is gone after the first time. With zombies the challenge stays, something might work this time, but if you try it next time, it might just get you downed.


                    Zombies kick Aliens ass! So hopefully for me, and a lot of other zombie fans, they will continue with zombies, no matter how they twist and turn the storyline, for all i care they start a third storyline, as long as there are zombies, i'll be there.

                    And personally, i hope it will be from treyarch, cause they manage to keep a lot of people speculating and discussing and thinking about zombies from start to end, and then untill the next game comes out.


                    (Sorry if there are some mistakes made with the grammar, but no matter what i type, it Always says it's not typed right, so i don't really pay any attention on the red lines anymore)

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                    Well we got the Zombies mode in Call of Duty Online coming out.