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        60. Re: If you

        backgrounds and patches is the rewards for playing this game.  i invest the time, i get my reward to show that i put time in this game.

        if you got those without working for it, you are cheating legit players of their time since they work on those background and patches

        IF YOU GOT SOMETHING FREE THAT SHOULDN'T BE FREE, YOU ARE CHEATING.  whether it has any impact on the game or not


        and you thought i am bad at reading comprehension...

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          61. Re: If you

          cheating is when you get an unfair advantage over someone, how does my tenth prestige background give me an advantage over you please explain that, here ill help you out another definition of what you are trying to blame me for



          Cheat: act dishonestly or unfairly to gain an advantage


          so please explain how me having a tenth prestige background and you not having one gives me an advantage over you

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            62. Re: If you

            the advatage is: you get to display your background and patches before me?

            according to your logic, no men would cheat on their wives.  after they have a good time with their mistress, they are still the same men when they go home.  NO UNFAIR ADVANTAGE FOR THE MISTRESS!

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              63. Re: If you

              lmao please get off the game and get a life, and get off the forums you are embarrassing yourself

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                64. Re: If you

                oh now you are telling me to get off the game because i do things legit?

                pretty sure you are the one embarrassing yourself...you might be the first cheater ever to deny cheating after admitting to prestige master hack

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                  65. Re: If you

                  you are saying that i have the advantage over you cause i have the patch before you lol, and i did not deny anything as you dont even know what the terms you are implying to me even me so,,,, good day to you sir and may you earn tenth prestige though i doubt with how bad you are you wont ever reach there before the next cod comes out

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                    66. Re: If you

                    ya sucks to play this game legit><

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                      67. Re: If you

                      I must have been really bored to read all of this and now I'm bored plus I have a headache.


                      Your original post was to complain about some player who's ability and skills do not live up to "your" standards.

                      That is tough; too bad that the player did not realize he did not buy himself a game but paid for the privilege of playing "your" game and must absolutely live up to your standards and of course only follow the accepted game plays; thus no camping and no quick-scoping.


                      You play the way you want to play and let others play the way they want to play.

                      If you want the "real" experience; join the army.

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