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    Cheaters Everywhere


      The devs need to start doing stuff about this issue.

      There are cheaters in almost every game.

      Me and my clan went to jump into a Blitz and we played against a cheater who had every single perk, a Death machine and more.

      The reporting doesn't seem to help since no one ever gets banned.

      What is going on? I paid 60$ for this game and I am getting bs from playing.

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          in freight they get under the map, in the hotdog stand one they go invisible. just finished a game that a dude was 78 and 0 deaths, yeah right, in the hotdog stand, that's impossible.... thought several times when i was killed, there was nobody there, then i saw the score... yeah... and this guys in a clan... i think all cheaters names should be posted in the forums so EVERYBODY can see them and decide if they want to waste their time playing against a cheater..... since nobody fixes these cheats and the people aren't punished for them... we all should be cheating... oh yeah... that wouldn't be fun at all nor challenging... that'd be false pretense and ego filling... but hey if they want to cheat, they must be pretty self serving and lacking in all aspects in their life to have to cheat in a game...

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            really makes me laugh seeing people cheat, what is the point? you end up getting banned if your reported and proven to be a cheater, no skill involved whatsoever

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              It's happening so much now because most people have no way of recording it and putting it on youtube and it's not exectly as if the devs can just look up the gamertag, pop into their theatre and watch the game anymore. Theatre mode would equal more lag, but would help gat rid of cheaters. It's a catch22 situation. Shame

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                Hi there,


                Should you encounter a user not playing the game as intended, please take a moment to use the in-game report feature Activision Support as this is the proper way to report a player.


                Thanks ^AH