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    Rare Exclusive Oppurtunity: Diamond Division LV25 TSRH - Scouting Players [PS3/PS4]

      Only Scouting EXTREMELY ACTIVE DEPENDABLE PS3/PS4 players! Only 2 spots available so act fast


      TSRH has been going strong since BO1. We've been tearing Ghosts up and having a blast!

      Took down a Gold Championship, then a Platinum Championship, then another Platinum Championship... and now moved into DIAMOND!


      At the Diamond level activity and communication is critical. You must be active. You must have a mic. It's all about the TEAM.

      Clan Wars Experience is a plus

      If you think you're active enough and ready to have some fun you know what to do! 


      Ghosts Clan LV 25 with Active In-Game Bonus XP ranging from 20%-50%!

      I also post up Team SRH Gameplays on my YouTube channel, which has a nice following going.

      Feel free to check it out



      Clan Name: TEAM SRH (The Original Stoners Reaking Havoc / Souljahz Reaking Havoc)


      How to Join: Apply by searching for "Team SRH" using the Call of Duty App

      or Send a message on PSN to SCRATCH_1_MORE (INCLUDE "TSRH" IN MESSAGE)


      Here's a few vids showcasing Team SRH Chopping it up. Come and join the fun before it's too late


      Here's one of my Ghosts Gameplays FFA on Freight



      My BO2 Passion: HBO Special Superman Tomahawks (Must Watch lol)



      Our 1st Ghosts Team SRH Gameplay tearing it up on Cranked on Overlord + Funny Reactions



      Where it all started, Official Team SRH Superman Tomahawk Technicians : Deterring Campers Series

      (Must watch lol)



      Our TeamTage from MW3



      And our 1st Episode of BO2 Team SRH Raw PTFO Series



      See you on the BattleField!

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