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    Gold guns? SERIOUSLY?

      Ever since Cod4 weve had the ability to obtain gold camos for our guns. And every cod has had different ways to do so. Yet ghosts has done the inevitable. Theyve made going for gold guns... HORRIBLY PAINFUL! I dont mind the no attachments, i dont mind the 500 kills, hell i dont even mind the crouch kills.. But lean kills? prone kills? WTF IS THIS? Im going for the gold L115 and im pulling my hair out trying to get these camos while still enjoying the game and it is simply IMPOSSIBLE.


      I dont use the lean feature because its useless, but to get gold im FORCED to lean? WTF IS THIS? And going prone? GHOSTS! I dont WANT to camp, i want to run around and do my own thing, quickscope here n there, no scope for fun, and eventually get my gold camo, but i cant!. Your forcing me to camp and play like a ***** to get these camos..


      PLEASE change the gold camo requirements to something like this "Get 7 our of 10 camos" for gold camo. That way we can choose which camos to go for. Or make it like 1000 kills for gold! BUT PLEASE DONT MAKE ME CAMP!