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    eLiiTE TaCTiiCz Platinum Divison 1st Place Clan War Winners Now Recruiting.

        eLiiTe TaCTiiCz [eTz]


      We are a COD Ghosts Clan looking for new members. We placed First in the Platinum Division of the first clan war and need more members for the next clan war so we can win again. We are accepting  Playstation and Xbox players so feel free to apply. Our Clan is level 18, and we love to win so we level up pretty quickly.

      New Member Requirements

      To be in eLiiTE TaCTiiCz you must meet these requirements: K/D ratio MUST be at least a 1.0, You Must have at least 23 Hours played and Lastly, During Clan Wars you Must party up with members of the clan and play the game mode you are assigned to. What you play or do outside clan wars doesn't matter as long you participate during them.

      Perks of Our Clan

      -More than likely there will be members online to party up with-

      -Gold Clan Tag-

      -Various in-game Patches and Backgrounds from our clan level-

      -Various Patches and Emblems from taking First place in a Platinum Division Clan War-

      -Fun and interesting members-