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        Spoilers ahoy!




        I beat the main story!  That last level was pretty awesome with Galactus attacking the helicarrier and the way it would shake around and he'd trying to suck ya off the ship.  I don't really get why we had to team up with the villains though, aside from it being an excuse to let people play em for a level.  I woulda rather have gotten more time with the heroes though.  Most of the X-Men barely got a level and naturally I wanted more Hawkeye, haha.  The after credits scene was awesome though and kinda hilarious blatant advertizing.  Can't wait to unlock em though!  I already got Black Panther and the mission to get him is pretty funny.  I also got Daredevil after doing the Fisk mini level which was pretty fun and after going on a gold brick collecting spree I unlocked the Circus Tent!  Although it had Hawkeye in it, I was a bit sad he only got like one line of dialogue.  Given it takes place at the circus I woulda thought there'd be a reference to his past.  It was still a fun level though!  I would love to get more these mini missions as DLC, though not sure how likely that is.


        Generally, I like the way you get gold bricks in this.  I'm finding em a lot more fun than the tasks ya had to do in Lego LOTR where a lot of the time it was just find item X in level X or shoot all these targets type of things.  Saving all the people from the Roxxon plant, in particular, was a fun task to do and very superhero-y.

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          More spoilers here!


          Seriously, spoilers coming!


          There's gonna be spoilers...




          So stop reading it if you don't wanna know about it!


          Yeah, I finished it like a week ago, too.  That last level was pretty fun, though I don't see why they needed to team up, either.  Other heroes had all the powers they needed, and there were a bunch of heroes just sitting around (like Hawkeye!).  The only X-Man that really got any time was Wolverine (I know, you're shocked).  Does the Black Panther mission involve someone stealing his milk again?  Seriously, there was a sidequest about that earlier...  I haven't really played that much since I finished, so I'm gonna have to do that to get some of these cool heroes, it looks like...

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            Yeah, the story related heroes had a pretty wide range of powers and they coulda just thrown in Colossus if they needed another big fig.  It seems like they always gotta get in some playable bad guys for every game.  Storm had a few levels, didn't she?  She did the X-Mansion, popped up late for the Rhino fight, the Asteroid M level, and Galactus fight.  Jean showed up in the AIM and Galactus levels, though you couldn't control her in em.  Wolverine showed up a lot, but I think Spidey has the most levels followed closely by Iron Man.  Those two showed up everywhere and Spidey is appearing a lot in the mini missions too.  Not much of a surprise since they are Marvel's most popular characters right now, but more variety would be nice.  Haha, yeah, I did the milk mission and the mission to unlock Panther you have to find his cat, Mr Tiddles.

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