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        30. Re: IED's are OP

        ive never ran with off the grid.. ever. why do you need it? i have Blind Eye on 1 class in case the enemy team is support heavy.


        oracle cant compare to an IED, they're both two completely different concepts. use ground jammers and stick with your team. ground jammer is only so effective against IEDs, people just respawn and replant.


        Off the Grid doesn't make a difference unless you're on a small map... uhh, ok... Strikezone. even then i dont use it, silencers and team tactics keeps you under the radar and hard to predict. half the time your SATCOM is found and destroyed right away cause it's so ******* huge.

        dont be afraid to run incog on HC, i don't know what your perk priorities are, but i don't even use all points possible for the perks, they help yes, but at what point do you make a class that has to be exactly like your other classes just to avoid an IED, IEDs kill more than oracles, again because of the recurring spawns and plants. i want to snipe, but i have to use blast shiled because some random could place an IED outside of the building im in and go off an kill me no matter the proximity since im trapped. C4 at least has to be detonated. with a Claymore i need to be almost in front of it to get the full blast, but still if it's not se up correctly it can be avoided.

        back to the IEDs, i won't change my opinion on what should be changed with them, because for now they are a little overwhelming just trying to move around the map.

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          31. Re: IED's are OP

          I don't think that they are OP at all. I would say that 75% of the time, i can outrun the explosion. The only time that i find them to be a pain in the ass is when you are playing Domination, and people decide to throw them on the capture points. If IW were to nerf them, they would probably be borderline useless. And as everyone has already said, you have two very simple options; Blast Shield or Sitrep. Clearly if you refuse to run either of the two perks, the IEDs must not be pissing you off that bad.

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            32. Re: IED's are OP

            Well said.  Nerfing it, would make it useless.

            I dislike any talk about giving any item a Nerf.


            - To those who want things nerfed:

            If it's so good; then just use it.  If you are not using it, then apparently you feel that something else offers more value to your game [should that be nerfed?]

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              33. Re: IED's are OP

              i dont have a problem with the IED, that is my statement. but the fact that they kill so much more than they should with their design, is what makes it a little unfair. playing HC, i cant outrun them.. in core i honestly hardly see them vs things like the canister bomb. in HC, the claymore works the same as core, you're probably dead if you dont run blast shield or you ran right in front of it. the fact that the IEDs proximity is always 360 degrees is a problem for object games especially, like i said before anyone can throw an IED on the outside of a building, as soon as an enemy gets within it's proximity it's going to go boom no matter where you are when it detected you and you're dead, in HC. just again, if i want to play defensive and get a good position blast shield isnt the first thing i think of getting.


              COD has had C4 and Claymores, now we get C4 and blow you up anywhere anytime sticky proximity explosives. Core IEDs never kill me, but they've caused unwanted red screen and then 1 bullet you're dead. in HC the IED just takes this steroid injection and annihilates. the balance there just, doesn't seem apparent

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                34. Re: IED's are OP

                i run IED always, it consists of at least 10 kills per game if im getting between 55-65 kills in the game. its a free Hunter Killer Drone.

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                  35. Re: IED's are OP

                  Personally, i would rather get killed by an IED over C4 any day of the week. At least IEDs can be placed somewhere with strategy in mind. Whenever i die because of C4, it's because some idiot chucks it at you and detonates it in mid-air. Black Ops 2 made me absolutely despise C4.  As far as im concerned. IEDs require strategic placing and thought out set-ups over some guy blindly throwing C4 around. This is coming from a guy who doesn't use IEDs or C4.


                  As far as HC is concerned, i can understand why that would be annoying. I don't personally play a lot of hardcore gametypes, but when i do i always put SitRep on personally, mainly because of the claymores from MW2. Ever since then, i always run SitRep when playing HC. I just consider the IED to be the new Claymore.

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                    36. Re: IED's are OP

                    No they arent really op if you can see them with out sitrep or if you dont have sitrep and they are in plain sight. They beep two times before they blow if you have agility(speed) you can run back if you hear the beep.

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                      37. Re: IED's are OP

                      VenserTheExiled wrote:

                      i don't know what your perk priorities are, but i don't even use all points possible for the perks,

                      Then why are you complaining about using 2 points for sitrep. If this is even remotely true then sitrep should be 4.


                      Just because you don't use the mini map doesn't mean others don't and speak for yourself because you are not the authority on how other people play.

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                        38. Re: IED's are OP

                        equipment vs killstreak...

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                          39. Re: IED's are OP

                          Not OP, they just need to implement some time of "Spawn in" protection from them, so you don't spawn in on top of one and die..lol

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