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    Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

      Currently there's no solid evidence that states whether Black Ops III is being made; a new call of duty game has been announced, but it's unclear what it is from what I've read. I'm making this thread on the off-chance that the game being planned is Black Ops III, and I have a suggestion for the zombies gamemode that will hopefully be taken into consideration.


      More search options:

      It's often a long and tedious process for some players to find a game with the right people, often it can take up anywhere from five to fifteen minutes (give or take) to find a game with the right people. Quite often you are looking for specific team who all meet a prerequisite; e.g. all team members have a microphone, all team members are a certain rank or above, etc. If you don't care about things like that, you just don't select any search refining options.


      My suggestion is to implement search options similar to the connection options (low, normal and high), these options would allows players to quickly and easily sift through the hundreds, or even thousands of online players to find a team who meets a certain prerequisite. I don't think it would be wise to add too many search refining options, but just some general ones to help us save those five to fifteen minutes.


      Another thing I would like to have added is the ability to reset your stats on zombies. I don't think it's possible to have your stats reset right now, but it would be very useful for people who want a fresh start. I haven't really thought this part over, but I suppose you could have something like a month to change your mind and return your stats to the way they were. I suppose you could also include some sort of limit to the amount of times you could do this; like I said before I didn't really think about this part -- food for thought.

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          Re: Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

          That's a terrible idea. If you knew how matchmaking works then you'd now why. When you only have 5000 people playing a map, imagine what those extra options would do. You'd find it very hard to get a game, and if you do; it might be on crappy connection. If you're talking about a fresh stat because you want a better rank, I'll have you know I earned the shotguns with 200k kills. No need for it.

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            Re: Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

            Truly customisable options for private matches and thorough bug testing. These are without doubt the two biggest downfalls of blops2. Nothing needs to be said about the bugs really, except for maybe decent communication between devs and players, just so we know if something will be fixed, not left in the dark wondering. The custom options.... I would still be playing now if we could customise the maps with our own wall weapons, box weapons, perks EE on or off etc.

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              Re: Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

              Oh, and get rid of statistics. Apart from rounds reached obviously. They are good for nothing

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                Re: Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

                I'm more interested in the direction that they are going to go with the maps. All the gimmicky things that they put into BO2 are the things that end up ruining the maps. Don't give us maps that are so big they crash, or modes of transport that are game breaking. Quality over quantity, and keep things simple.


                I'd really like to see them go back to basics. not everyone has/wants to put 5-10 hours into a game to compete on the leaderboards. Maps like Nacht, Verruckt and Shi No Numa give you a challenge and you can get a decent leaderboard by putting in 1-3 hours- if you're any good. I think they should give us 8-10 maps upon release. Not all on the scale of Tranzit or Origins. Some small maps, maps without perks(or at least without Jug) and pack-a-punch, medium sized maps with limited perks,etc. And rather than the BO2 style of giving us bigger maps broken down, these should be unique, individual maps with their own easter eggs.

                Don't get me wrong, it does take skill to get to high rounds on any map, I'd just like to see more variation in the type of challenge we're getting.

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                  Re: Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

                  Things that need to be in the next game:


                  A real way at the menu to select a 2 or 3 player game. Its a joke to have leaderboards for them but can't select those games without jumping through hoops.


                  A leaderboard carry over system from 4-3-2 player games. Solo games should only count toward solo leaderboards from the start, but if a 4th player drops from a game, then there needs to be incentive for the other 3 players to keep going. Even if 1 or 2 of the other players don't care about leaderboards, 1 player dropping usually is followed by others who do care. There should be a round cap, like 5 rounds, players needs to complete after a person quits. If a player quits a 4p game at round 23, then the game should continue like a 3 player game in round 24 (# of zombies). The 4p game of round 23 counts toward the 4p leaderboard and If the 3 remaining players can complete 5 more rounds on 3p settings, then that starts to count to 3p leaderboards. So 3p starts at round 24, if they can make it past round 28, then the game counts on the 3p leaderboard. That way the stats fare and people have a reason to always keep playing.


                  And better map testing. BO2 was big and ambitious, but it was plagued by some really bad bugs. And Activisions response to fixing these bugs was awful, since some never did get fixed and other bugs popped up, like the flying turbines. They let glitches on Tranzit waste a lot of their customers time and even encouraged them. And Jimmy Z didn't even know how the menus for the game mode worked. For a game company to make that much money and put so little effort into making a quality game, they should be ashamed. At least Rockstar were vocal and fast when it came to fixing GTA Online, which was packed with bugs. And most of the issues with their game got fixed. So why can't Activision do the same. Instead of starting up your next money grab, try to make sure the one you have out now is fixed. Show some pride in your work.


                  Things I'd like to see:


                  Better ranking system. I like the emblem idea but want a better way to get them. One thats not set up as a ladder system of who is bad and who is the best, but one that reflects how someone plays. If you have a lot of revives, a lot more then average players per game, then you might get a medic emblem, or if you use a lot of sniper weapons and get headshots, a sniper emblem. One that reflects how someone plays so they take pride in their play style. Maybe even allow some customization like doing EEs unlocks a different background shield for the emblem or something like that. The ladder system doesn't work cause its always going to encourage people who care to do whatever it takes to get the top emblem, even if they shouldn't have it. And it also causes a lot of trash talking between different ranks, which doesn't work for a COOP game mode. I'm sure their would still be trash talking between medic or sniper or whatever emblems, but it would be a little more friendly since no one is seen as being above another. Now ever shotgun "glitched" or is a "zombie god", every skull either "sucks" or is a "resetter", every knife is "the best real players" or they "quit games early". People are too defensive about it when its about having fun.


                  And like many others said, Custom games with real options. Personally I'd like to see the options for each map expand over time. So we might only get some small options the first month a map is out, but then get more options after that month to add more life to the map. Like picking wall weapons, locking specific doors, new starting point, and adding bosses. Those options along with the headshots only and other things would make for some interesting twists to maps. Maybe even add multiplayer options like trying to hold random appearing spots on the map to get points. Something that would make it even better is to let people share either 1 - 3 custom games they save, but they also come with their own leaderboard that that person can regulate as they want. If they think the top person for their map is cheating then they can delete them.


                  And lastly, something I'd personally like to see is an option to make a custom character that we play as in only custom games. A character we can dress and make our own so we are always them. And like the emblems, we should be able to unlock cooler things for them as we play. Doing EEs, killing so many zombies, using so many explosives, ect... will give us new things to add to them to personalize them a little. Kind of like BO1 multiplayer had. Nothing too customizable but enough to make the characters unique to the player.

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                    Re: Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

                    I just hope it's not a 16 rated game. I like to see brains being splattered when I pop a zomb in the head. The 16 rating has totally ruined ghosts for me....tame is lame

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                      Re: Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

                      To be honest dude, zombies would be better off without a stinking ranking system, shotguns is a piece of cake to earn, have them myself and have had them ever since 3 weeks after the game came out.


                      I would prefer there not to be a Black ops 3, What else could they dream up other than more sh*tty reasons to complain? We don't need a fresh stat option, they were going to add it in the Uprising DLC, yet nothing happened. There's a lot of stuff Treyarch lied about adding to the game, stuff that would make it way better than it is now.

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                        Re: Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

                        Added gameplay, search and other options in game.                                                                                                                                                                         More options for custom games and bring back private lobbies with more setting for players to choose from. Mix it up with map size not every one has to be gigantic, focus on more core gameplay add dogs or jumping jacks with zombies after round 15 to add some difficulty. The bundle machine, this would allow you to add 2 to 3 attachments similar to mp for a cost of x amount of points. A wider variety of guns that are available in the box.   

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                            Re: Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

                            Yeah it's all about the gameplay. Ranking systems are okay but not the way they were in BO2. I think players should just have access to your Profile page with stats on it, if they like them they play, if not they bolt but a "Ranking System" like in BO2 is pretty odd.


                            I like idea of a Meta-Game (Challenges) for the ability to customize your characters like on Multi-player. Even gun challenges so like let's say 100 headshots get you a certain camo and a 1000 total kills gets you the option to equip an emblem with a gun, gun specific and you complete these challenges with the AN-94 (or whatever guns they use in the next Zombies) then you can in a non-in game customization screen equip these options so if in game you buy the AN-94 it'll have these camos and emblems. This is not specific "game-play"  to help the game get better but half of getting the Golden Spork isn't just how good it is but the fun of completing the required challenges to get them. Meta-game can be fun.


                            Ultimately not so long EE/Single Game Challenges though. Origins was fun but damb if it doesn't take 30 minutes to just get a ONE staff. It can become a chore and video games for me and I think for most is just about fun.


                            That said my personal opinion on how to make it a better more enjoyable experience.


                            1. Back to basics. Map size and all the other gimmicks they tried, I applaud the effort but that's it. Large maps are only bad when their size takes away from gameplay. But other gimmicks like the weapon locker, bank, etc. were fun at first but once the novelty wore off it really broke the game. It made it long and boring. Most still feel Zombies peaked from Der Riese to Accession, I feel that way too.


                            2. More game modes are okay but put more thought into them. Turned should have played something like infection from The Modern Warfare/Ghost series. Grief was okay but had they strayed away from the 4player co-op formula it could have been epic. Basically it could have been a form of multiplayer with the zombies posing as basically an obstacle to navigate through. Like multiplayer Grief should have been point based instead of survival based. 


                            3. Objectives are a good thing, I think they can help expand the experience. However Extinction showed us that objectives can also be a VERY, VERY bad thing if done wrong.

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                            Re: Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

                            a new gamemode:

                            zombiepoint !

                            (get it ? hardpoint zombiepoint? met neither...)

                            the idea about this when you hit round 15,

                            you can only kill zombies in the zombiepoint

                            when you shoot a zombie in the zombiepoint, while you out the hardpoint it won't work

                            and every round the zombiepoint will go to another location

                            so you can't run the millions of circle or camp for hours in one spot

                            and you maybe have harder zombiepoint and easier ones

                            so you hope you won't get that zombiepoint because it's so challenging

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                              Re: Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

                              I really like what cheese had to say.

                              I dont know if i am wasting my time here posting my opinion, but here it is...

                              #1. Get rid of this ranking crap so there is no competition in a co-op game amongst the team, pure nonsense, really... how exactly does this ugly rank emblem justify anything? This ranking system brought nothing but negativity to this game.

                              We can find more players still playing BO1, including myself, why? because it is simple and can be played without any communication, simple sometimes is better! Displaying highest round in the public lobby is probably a good thing, this makes players want to get in to higher rounds=replay value=$, in BO2 we got this emblem that represents what exactly? blue eyes? WTF is that?

                              Players asked for larger maps and bigger easter eggs, but BO2 got this wrong also, well the map size is not too bad but yet again, i should be able to revive my teammate, dont get me started on the EE's they are pure rubbish! Harry Potter Sticks? c'mon we want guns! this is FPS not RPG for god sakes, frickin lord of the rings. Save the last zombie for 2hrs? i donno what to say about this at all, nothing nice.

                              Just look at WaW and BO1, try to make the next game similar to those, if they make the high round a display for top leaderbord, you will find that more players will want to play for high round and therefore will want to play more. Custom maps on console is a big task to tackle, if they can accomplish this more power to them. Story... well they killed it, and i wouldn't even worry about it, concentrate on gameplay because that is what sold the game, not the incredible cinematic scenes and if the game did have them who does actually watch them these days? i bash X till get some action, if i want to watch something i will put a movie on.

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                                Re: Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

                                The ranking system if kept needs to be overhauled. What Cheese said is good.


                                Instead of EEs for those who don't have too much time, why not have some other modes of survival with objectives.


                                - defend a certain player/character from dying

                                - have an Alamo type style game where you can see all four corners of the map, have only a couple of levels to move up and down and survive as long as possible. Stops the chance of training zombies, that can be repetitive and boring.

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                                  Re: Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

                                  i actually think cutscenes on a more campaign style format could be good. didnt like the choppy comic book-like videos.

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                                    Re: Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

                                    I kind of like the fact you can't reset your stats. You know how many players that would reset their advantage stats right before they looked up some new glitch. If they do make the ability to reset stats at least make sure you have to get a certain amount of kills, revives, bullets hits, kd etc.

                                    I would just like for different maps to have a rank system. Im double shotguns but I suck at mob of dead. Really I should be double shotguns- survival

                                    Skull with knife- die rise

                                    Double bones maybe skull. I usually go down in early dounle digit rounds- mob of the dead

                                    Double shotguns- buried

                                    Skull with knife- orgins

                                    Double shotguns- transit


                                    I just played with some double shotguns on certain maps and they completely sucked!

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                                      Re: Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

                                      Screw the ranking system, screw the shotties go back to the old skool ! I say keep Theater mode, I like making videos.

                                      I would love to see create a player on the next Zombie release. It maybe far fetched, but I am still one of those who really believe that 3arch will make a zombies only game, I do. It really wouldn't be that bad.

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                                        Re: Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

                                        One thing to add. Maybe have an automatic sprint button/option instead of having to depress L3. Getting thumb cramps playing Tranzit. Yeah I know there are the teleporters but you still need to run to places.

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                                            Re: Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

                                            How about improve the lobby. Those players who just idle and don't ready up (especially you splitscreeners), should be kicked out of the lobby by the server after a certain amount of time.


                                            It suck eggs when you leave that lobby because the game won't start until they ready up, only to rejoin the same lobby over and over. Curse you splitscreeners. What is up with that?

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                                            Re: Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

                                            I Think there will be a medi evel map, what they will do for weapons i have no idea bur after the staffs in origins in makes my mind wonder. The reason i beleive they will release a medi evil map being the templar statues on origins if you havent noticed then next time you are down in the excavation site have a look at the statues faces they all resemble the characters you play, richtoffen, nikoli, takeo ad dempsey suggesting that in the future they may travel even further back in time and who knows they could actually be the creators of the staffs. Also we still need to be told how samantha traveld back in time, we already know how she got into agartha through the aether but how is she in orgins when she hasnt even been born yet, evidence that they still have some time travelling to do.

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                                              Re: Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

                                              Things I believe should be added/changed because it would be stupid if they didn't.

                                              -Next gen only. By the time treyarchs next game is out it will have been about 2 and a half years. No last gen by that point please, I don't want my game held back by last gen hardware.

                                              -Real ranking system. Like 1-50 then prestige, easy. Then maybe a secondary rank based on skills, like high k/d have shotguns,high revives have angel wings, high grenade kills have exploding skull, ect.

                                              -Double up on zombies. I'm sick of 24 at a time.

                                              -Fix crawlers

                                              -keep multiple game modes. I liked it

                                              Things I want, but aren't as required Or obvious.

                                              -Secondary game mode that really takes advantage of next gen power. A large 16 player experience with gigantic maps, weapon lockers, skill trees, bank, and gobbles of zombies, plus a secondary level up system exclusuve to this mode that allows for skills, bonuses, ect. And this mode would have a custom character. Use zed cash earned from games to buy everything from hairstyles to shoes to backpacks. story maps shouldnt have custom characters but these ones definantly should.

                                              -Split story path. 1 path about the original four, 1 about mistys crew, 1 with unrelated singular maps (think mob of the dead, five, cotd) and then 1 new map for the mode above.

                                              -Return of old wonder weapons... I miss them

                                              -Wrap up the old characters story. Also get it through people's heads that origins is not canon...that was the point of the cutscene at the End...

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                                                Re: Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

                                                if black ops 3 in made we went at least 5 came whis the game zombie maps whith dlc at least 27 maps so we cant get bored from the game until next cod zombies game so what do you guys think do you agree or not and treyarch if you reading pls make this true

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