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        60. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

        Another Camping thread! whats that? camping thread 1357? seriously if you've been around these forums as long as I have,you see the same old camping stuff come up again and again. campers will camp,rushers will rush. I do both according to gametype etc.

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          61. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

          I don't care who plays this game they shouldn't be catering to campers or rushers cause it forces people to play how they don't want to. All play styles should have a chance at being successful on all game modes no one should get the upper hand just because they got catered to. I mean why should players have to adapt to that play style when that play style isn't willing to adapt to other play styles as well? People need to get that mentality out of their head that their play style is the best way to play and they need to stop complaining about their counters seriously even play styles need ways to counter them.

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            62. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

            In my opinion its a little too slow to be an effective playstyle, and as for dead silence/amplify, I find it to be much more effective when moving, albeit slowly. Snipers can get a little annoying but its not too bad.

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              63. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

              That's if COD is still a franchise in 2 years.

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                64. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                A camper using Dead Silence seems like a waste of a perk slot.  But that being said, campers don't bother me in the least.  If anything they give me knowledge of at least one position for the enemy team.  Past that it's up to me to decide if it's worth engaging them.  I think that the real problem is that anytime someone is holding down an area (ie camping) for the purpose of map control, people will whine and complain about it just because they suck at dealing with it.  Nevermind that there are more routes/vantage points available in Ghosts than ever before and less useful equipment for the camper to make his job easier.  Those that continue to complain are just weak players.  They may be able to do well in head to head fighting but past that they have no mental game and will always lose to someone that actually applies a little patience to their gameplay.  Its sad that so many are overly reliant on one very limited strategy.  That goes for both campers and rushers at the extreme ends.


                PS:  I had over 40 miles traveled with Marathon after the first week and I didn't even have it on all of my classes.  I don't full on rush and I don't full on camp.  I play smart and I stay on the move to keep my enemy guessing where I'm going to pop up next.

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                  65. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                  I had a complaint directed at me camping just about an hour ago, supposedly I'm a camping tramp because I was in a room for EXACTLY 1 minute and was trying to finish my AK 12 camos, got gold afterwards. I replied saying "what you rushing for, late for therapy classes", unfortunatly he did not reply, but he was rusher and wanted to direct my own message to him.


                  One thing bothers me, which is more logical to do in a gunfight, keep cover in a room (camping) or rush around like a madman ready to die (rushing). This guy complaining to me clearly had no logic of a gunfight so I would really like to see him in a real life one, he won't exactly be alive for more than 2 secs.

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                    66. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                    The general lack of logic is what gets most of the complainers killed.  Whether it be rushing out in the open not taking into consideration the various long lines of sight from which you can easily be picked off from or the guy sitting in one spot that has at least 3 routes that it can be approached from and yet he never bothers to check but one of them.  Both are easy cannon fodder and both somehow think that the "other" playstyle is just evil and must be stopped.  It's just a sad thing when players disengage their brains and still think that somehow some way they are going to go into every match with godmode on.  I have my matches where I dominate the board and I have my matches where I get dominated but I can honestly say that in the matches where I came up short, 9.5/10 times the reason that I came up short had a lot more to do with myself and the choices that I made than it did with what the other team was doing.  I don't need the other team to play a particular way to find success.  All I need is for me to find the proper counter to what they are doing and execute it.  If I fail to do that then it's on me.

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                      67. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                      I don't think people these days take COD serious enough, WaW was a dream. Ghosts  is brill but still people whine and whine as if they are trying to be a chimpanzee. People hating camping and people hating rushers, there are a lot more campers than rushers. Guess this game will never be as good as it used to be. When it comes to people who send messages to people who camp or people who rush, I just don't get what those freaks are thinking, thats if they are thinking at all. I've been messaged 1 time for both rushing and camping in seperate games. I like to have a mixture of playstyles but others can't accept it, so as far as I will ever be bothered, they can go lick their momma's nipples and F**k themselves in bed.

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                        68. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                        rcaluw wrote:


                        camping ruins the game, plain and simple. it makes the games slow paced and boring.

                        Camping / sniping IS this game it's called "Ghosts". To me that means stealth, not rushing back & forth up & down the map, you're confusing Ghosts with BO2.

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