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    PSN, XBOX Platinum clan looking for skilled clan war players

      We are MYO Gaming (Meet Your Owners). We are currently grinding it out in platinum on clan wars. We have 65 members. Our clan lvl is 14 and our clan kdr is 1.82. We have guys on PS3/4 and XBox. We will keep growing stronger as the days wear on.


      Here's what we are looking for in a candidate that will fit in at MYO:


      We are an active clan, so activity comes first. If you can't make it to help out in clan wars at least weekly, don't join. If you can't share on the website at least weekly don't join. We're not just a clan, we're a team.


      KDR        above 1.25

      Mic         optional but suggested of course

      Age        16, no exceptions

      US, Canada, or UK (that's where most of our guys are)

      No hackers, glitchers, prestige hacks, etc.


      If you're interested in joining a winning team, a well-developed clan with all the bells-and-whistles you would expect from the best, then MYO is for you. Period.


      Go to our website to apply myoclan.com register then apply to clan by clicking application forms.


      Any questions hit me up on PS3.


      MYO_Trav (PSN)

      Leader, Meet Your Owners