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    The Winner of the 8th Gen (PS4, Xbox1, WiiU) Console Wars

      Normally, I'd wait until the PS5, Nextbox, and WiiX are out before making the call on who has won this new generation, but I feel that it is a forgone conclusion at this point. Someone has stepped in and has already clearly taken the trophy, and it isn't who you think it is. The winner if the 8th Generation Console Wars is...



      Cheers to you Advanced Micro Devices for slipping in and winning the 8th Generation Console Wars no matter which console sells more.

      Random Fanboy: [TRANSLATED FROM GARBLED, RACIST GIBBERISH BY GOOGLE] AMD? WTH Jedi!?! You forget to take your pills?

      *Editors Note: Several colorful interjections and expletives were removed out of respect to the forum's CoC.

      First off, I'm not medicated; I don't need pills to get me through the day... nor caffeine. Secondly, there is very simple and hard to argue against logic for bestowing AMD with this honor even before the 8th generation gets into full swing. No matter which of the 3 main 8th generation consoles you choose, it will be powered by AMD architecture. Be it Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft, the fanboys can argue all day about which of the consoles is the best, but it won't change the fact that they're all AMD powered.

      WiiU uses an AMD Radeon GPU, code named Latte. The PS4 and Xbox1 both use the same AMD x86-64 Octa-Core Jaguar CPU. In addition to the CPU, both the PS4 and Xbox1 use AMD GPUs, though the PS4 and Xbox1 use different memory architectures to accomplish the same jobs. Bottom line: no matter which console you choose, most of your money will be going straight to AMD.

      So continue your petty arguments fanboys of Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. Sling mud at each other and proclaim that your own consoles are superior. Just remember one very important detail; if you own a PS4, WiiU, or Xbox1, you are all subjects in the same empire. Bow down and be subjected by the almighty power of your overlord, AMD.