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    Clan roster

      I'm wondering why it only shows some members in my clan roster and not all. This is a problem for me as I want to play clan 4 v 4.

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          Re: Clan roster

          I have the same problem with the roster, dont worry about it because i think they are fixing alot of things and that would be fixed by the 25/11/2013. I believe its that date because thats when clan wars will start. you cant play clan wars till then. Hopefully I answered it logically correct lol.

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            Re: Clan roster

            Any one else having issues with the ghosts app? As clan commander my app wont allow me to access anything clan related, its stating I'm not in a clan and I cant issue a request to join as I recently left (which I didn't) on my xbox I can access the clan and the rosta shows me as commander and the other members of the clan as either soldiers or Lt. Commanders. I've rest the app, logged out, re logged in, even sent an invite to myself from one of the other members that I was allowed to accept but then the rosta on the xbox showed my gamertag twice, once as commander once as solider. Really bugging me so any insight would be appreciated please

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              Re: Clan roster

              i found a work arround for this that worked for me. Type in search: clan roster and you will find it.



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                Re: Clan roster

                See the 11/14 Update for #17 in the following thread which should help you solve this issue.

                Clan Issues and Fixes


                11/14 UPDATE: If the app says someone is in your clan but they really aren't, here's how to fix it:

                1 - Have the user Log into the mobile app

                2 - Go to the My Clan section

                3 - Click on the Leave Clan Icon

                4 - Log out of the mobile app

                5 - Repeat items 1-4 until you are no longer in a clan (they may find themselves in a few different clans)

                6 - Have the person invite you into the clan you want to join.

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