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    Can we please

      Have the mercenary mode back? I hate playing against parties when I have two set of split screeners in my team. Never have I seen any split screeners go positive or try any of the objectives so it would be awesome if I could play by myself along with others who like to play by themselves.


      Does anyone else feel the mercenary mode needs to come back?

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          get a party going and stop crying

          split screeners have just as much right to play the game as you

          wait till the match is over, hope they quit or move to the other team

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              Split screeners do have a right to play the game, however anyone with a pair on their team is clearly at a disadvantage most times. IMO for those players there should be a playlist specifically for them.


              As for a Mercenary playlist? Im surprised there isnt one in this game....thats something that could always be corrected by the developers.

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              I agree that split screeners have every right to play. But like the OP, with being force to play only team based modes in HC (my preference of game modes) being stuck with a split screener sucks.  In one of my more recent matches they went 4-32 as a combined score.  Now I don't care how good a player is,  trying to over come those odds is impossible. When 2 of out 6 players on a team are pretty much giving away almost half of the total allowable kills it is horrible. Now I am not one to overly care about W/L ratio but  I also don't like having a split screener ruining a win streak or messing up clan wars win/loses.

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                These forums are for our opinions, and s_paw1 is totally just in his concern. There is no need to start saying crap about "stop complaining" and "stop crying." No one else's opinion is more valid over the other. THAT IS WHAT A FORUM IS ALL ABOUT! There is hust as much right to complain about the game's shortcomings as there is the right of those who disagree with that opinion to state theirs, but jeez with the insults guys. If you don't like hearing people express opinions that differ from your own...stay off of the forums.

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                  I Would love to have it back aswell. Also they should not allow split screeners in the infected game mode.

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                    IMO they should allow split screening in every game mode, or remove the ability from the game completely. All or nothing.