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    heavy aim assist? new since patch or just lag?

      So I've been having matches now were I feel I've been destroyed by either very good player (curiously they have mediocre kdr while I was close to 2) or ppl who have been helped by the new game feature that help reaction more than accurate aiming.


      So when I pay attention to how I get kill, specially when I play close quarters with an SMG or Shotgun, I get amazed of how quickly the enemies aimed, and even worst sometimes I land 1 or 2 shots on the enemy before he stills kills me with amazing accuracy.


      Why I notice is, beside panic knife, which help players to stay alive even when they don't deserve so, there is also "panic aim assist", this is players, whenever someone enters their line of sight (even from sides or complicated ADS zones), would press the ADS button and immediately start shooting, even without aiming (or maybe they just need to start leaning into the enemie's direction )...which tells me how much aim assist this game has.


      I was thinking that this might be some kind of lag shooting. you know, the one that makes you feel you shoot 1st but in reality it was you enemy who shot 1st and lag made you feel differently, but how do that explains the fact that I see the killcam, and actually see that my enemies immediately go to ADS and start shooting even prior to make the crosshair been near my body. It's like ppl, even kids, know that the game will help them to land their shots, cause they don't need to aim anymore, they just press ZR (DA) and shoot.


      I also wonder if this is something new, or has been since launch. Cause I feel lately I'm getting killed quite often when I landed the 1st couple of shots, am I sucking too much finishing the kill?


      BTW I'm a veteran of COD so I have experienced aim assisted CODs before, do you guys agree?, but 1st pay attention to the killcams when you get kill, just note how the enemy starts firing, unrealistically, just as he is going to ADS...while the fair thing to do would be, at least let the hip cross-hair be near the enemy before going to ADS, or go to ADS immediately and then move towards the body before shooting!

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