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    Game is COMPLETELY unplayable


      After the past couple of patches, the game has gotten worse. I legit can not find a match, I have to reset my WiiU and role the dice again. It's like my bullets are marshmallows, they don't hit anything, even though I'm right on target. Lag has been so terrible. It's gotten so ridiculous, I can't play without getting kicked off with error messages saying that the servers are down. I live in the NE part of the US, and have never had a problem with BO2. It says my Nat Type is Opened. Please fix the connection issues, A_Trey_U.

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          Played a game today, used the Vector Silencer/Rapid Fire, I legit can't hit anyone. Even though I'm right in front of them, aiming down my sights right on them, I don't even get hit markers. Constant disconnects are a pain, even when I'm playing a Private Match. I've restarted/Refreshed my router several times, still no changes. I popped in BO2, and connection is fine, It's smooth, with almost no lag. Pop in Ghosts again, and welcome back lag!

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            Yup. After the patch last night, I was having a lot of issues. I'd say about 15% of the games I play don't have crazy lag. Part of the problem is that it keeps putting me in French, Australian, and Spain lobbies for some reason. The other problem is just lag. I seriously prone hardscoped a guy who was NOT moving 3 times right at the chest and got no hitmarker/no kill. Or running around with a shotgun - no hitmarkers. The only thing I can do, which I absolutely hate, is to throw rapid fire onto an SMG with scavenger and just spray everyone with the hopes of hitting something. Yee haw. Super fun.


            To be honest, I had the same issue with BO2. MW3 was the last game that gave me no lag. Everything prior ran awesome...everything after lags like crazy. I still wonder if they just haven't nailed the framerate change from the Old Wii to the Wii U and how that effects things.

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              You mean they did a patch and something else got broke? Unbelievable!!


              Sounds a bit like,,,,,

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                I played a few matches today - same thing as before - the op is right, it's unplayable.


                Spawns are still bad.


                Teleporting all over.

                Players appearing and disappearing.

                Dying from unknown sources only to find someone there firing at you.

                No hit or damage markers.


                Perhaps they fixed the small, annoying, nit-picky stuff, but they haven't touched the major issues.

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                  It actually has been running great for me so far.  I had one laggy day on Tuesay I think.  Two days before that, last night, and today it has been running quite well.  If I die it's because I aimed poorly.  My bullets register.  Had a couple BS knife deaths but I guess that's "normal".