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    Map design

      If you could design a map what would you do?


      I think I would go with a multi tier castle from towers with parapets straight down to catacombs. Maybe a little busted up but not garbage everywhere.


      Or a hockey arena but no outside fighting all contained inside

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          Re: Map design

          A small town. 2 big roads. One from top to bottom and one crossing left to right. Maybe a bit bigger. With some sewers you can go into.  Around the intersection higher buildings. Rest lower building. Maybe a diner.

          Being able to cross from building to building.

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            Re: Map design

            twin hockey rinks with winnipeg jets logo's everywhere and a bunch of vans and trucks in a parking lot. And a tim hortons across the street.

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              Re: Map design

              2 ideas


              1: A jungle environment with some streams, open fields, and fallen trees. This would put more of an emphasis on moving quietly. Anyone who's ever moved around in any kind of heavily wooded area knows how hard it is to move quietly. It would make it harder to get kills, yes, but it would make the kills more satisfying due to the work you need to put into it. It would also eliminate snipers for the most part, but those who do exist would have to be extremely good due to the difficulty in shots depending on where you are shooting from and at.. Sniper Rifles and Marksman rifles would be extremely difficult to use. Light machine guns would be effective but not highly effective. It would be a focus on assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns and handguns. They'd be the most effective.


              2: An apartment building with no ability to go outside. The fighting would be contained within the building on multiple floors. Only way to get up and down would be stairs. It would put more of an emphasis on CQB and the weapons associated with it. An sniper rifle would be all but useless, an marksman rifle would be all but useless. While they can still be used, they will not get you high k/d ratios. Light Machine guns, would be effective if used in the right position. It would be an emphasis on assault rifles, sub-machine guns, shotguns, and hand guns. Those would be the most effective weapons.

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                Re: Map design

                Dutch I think a town with open sewers would be good as long as it wasn't all destroyed like the theme that run rampant over the last 3 games


                fallen great idea just replace the jets with oilers;)


                seric I always though a forest would be cool with tree platforms and rope bridges

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                    Re: Map design

                    the map should be kem free.


                    The sewers give an extra dimension. Maybe even so that you can make more holes to get in and out.



                    serics213 A real jungly map should be nice.


                    Maybe some tree's you can get into for sniper spots. with some small open area's

                    You know like the jap snipers in WaW campaign

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                    Re: Map design

                    I would make a map designed just like a mansion. Giant living rooms, with bookcases to hide behind, an indoor swimming pool, bathrooms that look out into the hallway, bedrooms with bunk beds and the such. Everything with be very eloquent while still maintaining a small functional map.

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