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        So, I just watched the episode like... five minutes ago.  It was pretty solid, though not on the level of last week's episode. 


        Fitz and Simmons had a really fun story with their failed attempts at pranks.  It's just awesome and a perfect fit for them to both decide to do some pranks but to not actually have any good idea of how to do it, since they're not exactly pranksters.  It was pretty fun when they got Skye to believe all that stuff about May, though.  I also got a kick outta the mop-mask-ghost Fitz made coming at a completely inappropriate time.  On a kinda separate but related note, I always love the moments where Simmons finds comfort in coming up with a logical explanation for all the craziness around them like she did again for the "ghost."  I feel like Fitz and Simmons just keep getting better all the time, and they might be giving May some competition for coolest character.  In a very different way, of course. 


        I wish they'd stop trying to dance around the pasts of all the characters, though.  We finally got the episode focusing on May, which is awesome, but it'd be nice if we'd find out more about than just that she used to not be so detached and she had a crazy mission that changed her.  I think we all figured that out in the first episode.  It was interesting to hear how Coulson played a role in it, though, and it made the dynamic between May and Coulson even more interesting, so that's cool.  Also, May had some pretty crazy fighting, and I liked the moment where she just disappeared from the room in the beginning of the episode.  It's like Ward's in a relationship with Batman.  Or it might be more of a one-night stand, but I thought the line was catchier when I called it a relationship.  So, May was still cool, but the whole spotlight episode didn't really reveal much about her past. 


        Coulson's watch was a nice little moment, and I also liked the mention of how he needed to take off his tie for once when he thought she was a telekinetic, since he never takes off his tie.  Wasn't the biggest fan of Skye's whole "I understand people's feelings" thing, since I feel like it's almost a lame way to give her a use on the team, but whatever.  The ghost basically being a stalker with a creepy crush wasn't my favorite idea, but it was a way to twist things so it wasn't just someone with powers they can't control.  It seemed like Hannah's reaction to it really fit someone who's as obsessed with religion as she seemed to be, especially with her being part of this small religious community.  Though I do wonder how this small town ended up with a particle accelerator.  Shouldn't they be at universities and big government places?

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          So a solid episode and outside of Skye and the Superfirends villain I liked most of it. When I say Superfriends that cartoon is way before any of you guys time it was the first cartoon with the justice league and I hated it because in the end all the villains turned out to be people who were just misunderstood, lol.


          The Hannah character did a great job of being freaked out and emotional the whole time, kudos to her for great acting. Loved that we got a lot of May and like you both mentioned very cool when she disappeared on the bad guy, just goes to show you May can use all of her senses effectively, she is awesome and her fight scenes were excellent. Hawk the way Ward was talking it has been weeks since the last episode as he stated, "As usual we will show up at different times so no one will suspect", so I think they have been engaged in a sexual affair for a couple of weeks or so.


          I am so tired of righteous Skye. Her naivety, her rush to judgement, her over emotional outbursts are just grating. The show would be so much better with her off of it. They don't need Skye and in fact that show is worse when she gets any time, please jettison her from the cast.


          Was actually hoping it was a Demon, a minion of Mephisto or an evil spirit or something evil. Instead we get the misunderstood not so bad guy. His teleportation thing was cool and the him popping up on the dark plane was suspensful and fun, but then when we discover he is a guy who just liked Hannah and kills a bunch of people because he is basically and idiot, argh.


          With May I wish they would utilize flashbacks and show exactly what happened so we can really understand what she had to do, what hard choices she had to make. They really didn't explain anything, but I am hoping they dig deeper so we can learn all about her.


          Good show overall as I was entertained throughout.

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            @Rogue - I agree, Fitz and Simmons have gotten pretty likeable to me and they seem to have been getting better each episode.  They've gotten the balance of comedy and serious right for them lately and it also helps they've gotten so much character development, probably the most so far.  I was thinking the same thing too, that they're creeping up on May.  And I definitely agree they need to stop dancing around all these mysterious pasts.  Fitz and Simmons are the only ones not harboring some big secret and I think their characters are better for it.  I don't mind one or two drip reveals, but I don't think we need it for half the cast.


            @Iron - Ohh, you're right.  That makes it a lot more interesting.  Not every day they have the guy hook up with a woman almost twice his age for casual sex.  I wonder how long this will go on.  It seems like Ward is more into May than she is into him, though it's hard to tell when May acts so detached.

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              Hawk I agree with you and Rogue, Fitz and Simmons get better each week and they are using them well, would be even better if they got rid of Skye and let them do more computer stuff as well.


              It does feel like May is just in it for the sex, lol, and Ward is going to get hurt, then he will rebound with Skye but will realize that May is way better in bed than Skye ever could be and will get sick of Skye constantly whining, being a baby, being to naive and irritating and will accidentally kill her when she is yammering on about something ridiculous so both characters will have to go and they can focus in on the other characters or introduce another more interesting character yay.


              They really need to have a more central focus for the show and therefore it is time for Hydra to come up. They would the perfect enemy to have for the team and since most of Hydra's super villains are not terribly over powered the team could handle the threats even though it should be a challenge. Not saying every episode should be about Hydra but that could be the ongoing threat and thread that keeps the show focused and gets us out of one off storylines. Maybe throw in the Maggia as well. Not sure why they are not using more Marvel centric stuff like that unless Marvel wants to save everything for Netflix or the movies but that would be foolish since for this show to get much better they do need to go in that direction.  

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                I don't think Skye has done much computer stuff lately, has she?  I think all she's done in the last couple episodes is check twitter and facebook, haha.


                We still could see the Centipede guys end up being Hydra or AIM.  We really don't know anything about them yet, so who knows how that'll turn out.  The next episode should see the return of them though so hopefully we'll get some nice progression on that front.  From what has been said in interviews though, the showrunners aren't coming up with plots with Marvel characters in mind.  They come up with ideas than check the Marvel database to see if there's a Marvel name they wanna slap onto it so not sure if we'll see a bonanza of C-list characters   We're nine episodes in and we've only seen Victoria Hand and Graviton, excluding a couple of cameos.  But maybe that will change since clearly people want more Marvel characters in AOS.

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                  That is probably the biggest complaint I see in a couple of the other sites I frequent that cover the show. I'm not sure why they are not using some of those B or C villains it would be fun, throw a bone to the Marvel fans and make the show more interesting for sure. Maybe Centipede is Hydra and that would be great.


                  Not sure why they seem to be avoiding Marvel characters since the show is Marvel Agents of Shield. That does not make much sense.


                  Skye has done nothing at all to help the team in the last couple of episodes, she is useless, lol.


                  Do think the show is doing better so hopefully they can really dig in and give us some excellent episodes.

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                    It looks like we'll be getting two re-occuring SHIELD agents to the show, though the descriptions don't really give any clues as whether they could be comic characters or new people.  An African-American combat expert and a high level munition expert with past ties to Coulson and Ward.  No clues as to what gender either would be, hopefully we can get a bit more info on these new people before the show comes back from the mid-season break.

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                      Very interesting interview from CBR about the future of SHIELD.  Talks quite a bit about the shows critics, saying that the internet is a negative place and that he thinks they (the creators) shouldn't be led by the fans, fans should lead.  He also compares the season to the movie and we're only half in with the second half having a lot of payoffs for the previous storylines and that things will feel more like Marvel.  A couple tease in there, but doesn't say all too much.

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                        I am not disagreeing with the guy as the internet is a negative place and we do sometimes want a show to be really good right away. A lot of people, me included, had high expectations for the show since Marvel has pretty much nailed their movies for the most part. So when those first few episodes didn't deliver people definitely were frustrated but it has gotten better and that give me hope for the second half of the season. But the fans are not all wrong and injecting more Marvel would be a good thing.

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                          Hmm, I shoulda rewrote my post after I removed the link since it doesn't make much sense without it, haha.  Oh well, did anyone see the new episode yet?  I missed it cause I was feeling a bit sick so I'll have to catch up tomorrow.

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