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        Hawk you can watch it on your computer just go to NFL.com, create your free account, go to watch and click on rewind and then you can pay and you are set to go. Like I said it is only 10 bucks for the entire season if you just want to follow one team. Like you I am not in my teams markets so it is nice to have for that or even to rewatch in condensed, it is very cool and easy to use, but like I said you cannot watch it until a couple of hours after the Sunday night game is over. Nor can you watch during or for 24 hours after the MNF game. Outside of that you can watch it as often as you want.


        Well the 49rs have three out four tough games for sure. However they play Seattle and Arizona at home, but the Bucs are playing a lot better and man who would have thought the Falcons would have fallen so low, but when they lost Jones and then White they fell apart completely and Ryan does not look good right now.


        So another big game for the Hawks for sure. Should be a great game as they are both very physical teams. The niners intimidate a lot of people but the Hawks are just as fast and tough and the niners don't like that. Lynch has had a lot of success against the vaunted niner D so hopefully that is the case Sunday as I really dislike the niners and especially dislike Harbaugh, as he is one of the biggest jerks in the game. He is a great coach of that there is no doubt but his actions both as a college coach and again as a pro coach are pretty awful. So it is going to be an interesting Sunday.

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          So, my old avatar disappeared... but there's a cool Spidey one to replace it! 


          I finally saw the first Hobbit movie now, actually, and it was pretty good.  Maybe a little slow-paced, kinda like the first Lord of the Rings movie was, but it was pretty fun.  It's fun to see this crazy adventure from the perspective of Bilbo, who spends half the movie wanting to sit at home in his chair (something that's pretty easy to relate to today, I'd say).  I'd like to see more of Gandalf casting cool spells and stuff in some of the later movies, which reminds me that Gandalf looks like a giant for most of the movie because he's surrounded by hobbits and dwarves the whole time.  It's kinda awesome.  Planning to see the second one on Christmas Eve with the family people, actually, so that'll be cool. 

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            @Iron - That sounds pretty cool.  I am in the market and get the Philly Fox channel, but sometimes I sleep in or the cable box acts flakey, haha.  Still pretty cool though and it'd be nice to let me watch anything I miss.


            The homefield will help, but how much?  The 49ers haven't been as dangerous as they were last year and the Seahawks are very good and the Cardinals have a great D.  Should be some tough games for them.  The Bucs have gotten better, but I'm not sure they'll be capable of beating the 49ers.  Off-hand, I don't know who they beat, but I'm skeptical they can beat 49ers unless they suffer some bad injuries.  Are you more shocked by the Falcon's fall or the Panther's rise?  I'd have to go with the Panthers, I didn't expect them to do so well.  We've seen before how injuries can decimate a good team (Packers), but who predicted the Panthers to have such a dominant D?  I know I didn't, haha.


            Do you think the 49ers will be amped up and looking for revenge against the awful loss earlier in the season?  I can see them coming out pretty hot and getting an early lead over the Hawks.  The Seahawks have no trouble staging comebacks though so I expect it will be a pretty close game.


            @Rogue - Awesome!  That took a lot less time than it took you to see LOTR, haha.  I've been hearing that the next Hobbit is really, really good, which makes me even more excited.

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              Hawk: Yeah the niners will be pumped up and they are at home. The Hawks have killed them the last two games they played so it will be a very physical game. If Wilson plays like he did Monday night and the Hawks D stays solid they can win but I don't expect the Hawks to blow them out.


              You are right about the Bucs I do not see them beating the niners but the niners could easily go 2-2 down the stretch for sure.


              The Hawks played the Panthers in Carolina the first game of the season and the Panthers D was really tough so I knew they had a really good D. What has been surprising is to see Cam maturing a bit and making some good throws, being patient and just a better QB. Nobody is going to want to face them in the playoffs and if the Hawks have to play them I will be very glad that is will be in Seattle.


              Rouge: Glad you liked the Hobbit. I was a little bit disappointed in the first half as it really dragged, but the second half was a lot better. However I don't think it was anywhere near as good as any of the LOTR trilogy. Now the second movie is shaping up to be really good and I really want to see Smaug in all of his glory. I am hoping for the greatest dragon ever in the history of movies that is for sure.

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                Hey guys, go check out Marvel Puzzle Quest on Steam!  It's another cool free Marvel game that combines the Dark Reign storyline with the Iso story from Avengers Alliance, though so far I've found this better written than AA, haha.  I already bought Clint!  I'm still learning the ropes, but it seems like a pretty fun game so far.


                @Iron - How far do you think Carolina will go?  Do ya think they can compete with the Seahawks and Saints?

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                  With their D they can compete with anybody, but their offense is still a bit suspect and might be their undoing, but they are very confident right now, won 8 in a row, so they are very dangerous.


                  Hawk I will have to try this new game you are talking about but I am working on something in the other game so it will have to wait a few days but I might give it a spin early next week depending on things, but good to know there is another marvel game out there.

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                    Woiw Hawk just a bit of snow in Phiily, lol. Eagles with a big win.


                    My Hawks just fell short in a defensive struggle. This was a game the niners had to win and the Hawks did not. Hawks have 2 of their last 3 at home and just need one win to lock up the division. Hawks just ran out of time at the end but made some mistakes, like a blocked punt that hurt them. The totally controlled the niner running game all game long until the last drive when Gore ripped off a big one, argh. Overall though the Hawks played a pretty good game in a very tough place to play with not a lot on the line while the niners pretty much have to win all of their last few games to stay in the playoffs. Still a little upset my Hawks lost though, lol.

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                      So, the Vikings had an absolutely insane and appropriately Vikings-like game today.  It was a low scoring game until the last couple minutes.  We were up, gave up a TD to Pitta, but then Gerhart broke a big run to give us the lead.  Then we gave up a kick return TD to Jacoby Jones, but then Cordarrell Patterson broke a huge run after the catch.  Then we let our patented prevent defense give up a TD, though, and we managed to lose.  It was pretty fun, but also kinda appropriate for the way the Vikings always play.  And you wonder why Minnesota sports fans complain all the time...


                      @Hawk: What kinda puzzles are we talking about here?


                      @Iron: Greatest dragon in the history of movies would be fine by me!  Though I'm not sure I've seen a lame dragon in a movie before.  Though I guess I'm used to the dragons in Legend of Dragoon (an awesome Playstation game) that look like spaceships for some reason...

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                        So, insane game for the Eagles today.  They said there was six inches of snow on the field at one point and both teams played a pretty sloppy first half with the Lions being less so.  They cleaned up the field a bit for the second half, but after the Eagles first drive sputtered and was really worried the Eagles would lose and that they might miss out on the playoffs cause of a crazy snow game.  Luckily, McCoy turned into a beast and just started to run wild on the Lions defense.  Gotta give it to the O-line for handling not just the powerful Lions Defensive front, but also the snow.  But, I think the more important thing was to see Foles recover from the bad first half and adjust to playing in the snow.  He made some big throws, especially the fourth down play at the end of the game so that that the Lions wouldn't even have a shot at scoring, though it woulda been pretty unlikely for em to score twice in a minute.  It's also pretty impressive that the defense only gave up 8 points (the rest came from bad ST play).  I know the snow certainly helped, as did the big fumble by Stafford, but this is the 9th game the Eagles have only allowed 21 points or less.  Gotta love that.  So, on to next week when they play the Vikings!  Hopefully the Bears can help the Eagles out tomorrow with a win against Dallas.


                        @Iron - Haha, just a little bit...


                        The Seahawks had to lose the game I really wanted them to win, couldn't they have waited till next week to lose?  I'm holding you responsible for this slip up, Iron, haha.


                        @Rogue - I heard about that Vikings!  That was an insane finish, but it seems like your guys have had a few of those this year.  Any word on what's going on with AP's ankle?  I'm hoping that he won't play against the Eagles, haha.  You know, so he won't hurt himself, totally not cause it makes it easier for my team....


                        It combines an RPG with like Bejeweled.  You have three Marvel characters versus the bad guys and everyone has a health meter and special attacks.  To attack ya gotta line up three gems in a row and the attack value varies between characters, like my Hawkeye does six points damage if you line up three purple gems but he might only do three points damage if you line up blue gems and Iron Man might do five points damage if ya line up red gems.  Once you clear enough gems, like 17 purple ones, you get to use a special power, like Hawkeye's Arrow stab.  Every character has different special attacks that will do completely different things (Black Widow can stun an enemy for several rounds, where as Clint can turn any gem into one that does critical damage, and IM just blasts the bad guy directly).  You also get to train your characters to upgrade the powers and level em up so they have higher health/higher damage.


                        There's no energy in AA, so you can do as many fights in a row as you want.  But it does take time for your characters to regen their health, unless you wanna go into a fight with less than 100%, but thankfully, the waits aren't very long and if you're impatient you can use a health pack.

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                          Some crazy games today that is for sure. Hopefully AP's injury is just a normal sprained ankle.


                          Well I wanted the Hawks to win as I loathe the niners, but it was not to be.


                          Rogue great to hear from you. Have you found a job yet?