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        I voted for Rogue too and she is ahead in the voting so that is great. She could be a very fun character to play.


        Just finished a PVP match where a Collossus on the other team was unstopabble I led me team in a losing effort with most kills and damage points but the Collossus guy got 99 kills and have never been in a match where one player dominated like that, it was crazy. Somehow Collossus is the fastest player in PVP as he can run you down like a cheetah running down a gazelle and he has this power where if he just brushes you you lose a ton of health. Plus he has a great stun move that lays you out for several seconds, it was ridiculous to say the least. Not a lot of a fun when a guy can kill you in just a few seconds no matter what you do.


        Outside of that just earning splinters and doing legendary tasks. You are right about how it will take though at the rate I am going it will take months for me to get a legendary weapon.

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          Yeah, looks like Rogue's gonna win that poll, so that's pretty cool.  Sounds like a safe bet she'll be a 2014 hero then, which is pretty cool! 


          I saw you started playing Colossus.  Jumping on the bandwagon after seeing him destroy people in PvP? haha, how has he been to play so far?  I've heard he's way more fun now after his rework. 

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            Yeah he killed my Loki in PVP, lol. Anyway had 400 splinters so I said what the heck and he is much more fun than the thing. Right now I am level 17 and his mighty punch is nasty, plus his smash jump is devastating. His fast move is exactly the same at the Thing's but he just is more versatile than the Thing and so more enjoyable to play. Want to get him to level 20 so I can get back to earning Odin Marks. I am closing in on 150 almost halfway to my legendary for IM, yay.


            Really hope Rogue and Dr. Strange are early 2014 I would even buy the Rogue pack. I do like her a lot but the old incarnation when she had Ms. Marvel powers. She seems very bitter and angry now. Why did she lose her Ms. Marvel powers? Did they finally just wear off like her others powers do? Only in this case it was years since she almost drained Ms. Marvel to death if I remember correctly. Anyway it will be interesting to see what her power base is and how it works in the game.

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              Colossus is supposed to be one of the most fun tank-like heroes in the game, so I've been thinking of trying him eventually, since I don't really have any heroes like that.  Sounds like he's cool so far then. 


              Dr. Strange is supposed to be early 2014 like February or March, but Rogue will probably be later in the year, sadly.  Have you been reading Uncanny Avengers?  I feel like Remender doesn't really know how to write her.  I get that she'd be a bit angry with Prof. X dead, since he played a big role in her life and everything, bringing her onto the team when no one else wanted her and also fixing her problem with her powers.  But Remender writes her like she's all militant as a mutant and almost like she should be with Cyclops's team, even though she's always been against Cyclops and his new way of doing things.  Back in X-Men Legacy, she was totally coming into her own as a leader and a teacher and all that instead of being all bitter like that, so I think it's just a problem with the writer. 


              Her Ms. Marvel powers went away one of the many times when she lost all her powers a while ago.  Seems like that happened once a year with her a while ago.  One of the times, she just didn't get her Ms. Marvel powers back.  They've been talking about letting Rogue absorb a power from any boss, and also giving her the Ms. Marvel powers for strength and flight.  So, she sounds super fun to play. 

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                Thanks for the Rogue rundown. I don't really read X men comics although I pick up the occasional graphic novel at work, get to rid them for free, so I am pretty caught up on what is going on in the X men world. Yeah have been reading Uncanny and that is where I am getting her being a big old grump, lol. Not sure why they want her to come across as a bitter jerk most of the times and it certainly isn't the character I used to read that is for sure. I liked her with her Ms. Marvel powers so I hope we get them in the game.


                Have Collossus up to 24 should get him to 25 before bed so I get another synergy. Back to doing Legendary tasks with him and so far has been a lot of fun although his two baddest and coolest powers, Siberian express and his roar don't come until the thirties.

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                  So have Collussus up to 35 and he is pretty great. Have unlocked his roar power which is pretty devastating, using his slam then his roar in combination is pretty awesome and he has a couple of punch powers that do massive damage. I'm enjoying him quite a bit and got a fortune 2 card for the first time ever. Ended up getting a 3 hour triple bonus boost thing out of it but still better than getting just one boost.


                  Have not played as much PVP but will get back into it know that I have Collussus more leveled up.


                  Wondering when they are going to do their big December update. Not excited about Ghost Rider as he is one of my least favorite characters in the Marvel universe. Not a fan of playing anything demonic or from hell so won't be getting him no matter how good he is in PVP, lol.

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                    So, they had a cool promotion where you could get a free Thor with a code!  Course, you probably heard because it was all over the social chat in-game, unless you turn that off.  I picked up Thor then and played the first chapter and part of chapter 2.  He's pretty cool so far, especially his hammer throws and lightning stuff.  His basic attack is a little slow for my tastes, but he's fun overall. 


                    I think December 20th is the day they're aiming for, so it'll be done before the week of Christmas.  Hey, what's wrong with demonic types?  Demons have feelings, too, you know!

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                      As you know I have Thor, to lvl 54, lol so that was a lame giveaway, lol. He is fun especially when you get some of his better powers. He is a bit of a slow starter compared to some others but is really awesome 20 through the 40's but then when you get into the 50's he scales back a bit and is not as much fun to play.


                      Demons don't have feelings or good ones anywhere as they are pure evil and I don't like playing evil characters. I have tried a couple of times in different games but I just cannot do it I feel too bad doing bad things. So in Fable or any game where you get to pick the moral direction of your character I generally end up being a complete goody too shoe, lol. Not sure if I spelled that phrase correctly have never seen it in print only heard it and said it, lol.

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                        Haha, I was pretty happy about it since he's one of the few characters I wanted that I didn't have.  Torch is pretty much the only other one on my list to get eventually, out of the heroes already in the game.  I just finished up chapter 2 with Thor today, and I also messed around in some terminals with a couple other heroes.  I'm close to finally getting my 100 cube shards for that cosmic reroll recipe.  I said I'd get it eventually when it was added months ago, and I'll probably never use the recipe, but it's gotten to the point where it's just the principle of the thing.  I'm at 80 cube shards now.


                        ...You play Loki all the time.  And Ghost Rider's not even evil.  Not to mention that you can't really do anything evil in Marvel Heroes anyway, aside from blowing up the cars that people get trapped under in Midtown Manhattan.  So... yeah, I'm kinda confused about the aversion to Ghost Rider.  Though I'm not really planning on playing him, since he's not one of my favorites or anything, and there's too many of my favorites that I wanna play in the game for him to get too much playtime. 

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                          Did you see the big Advance Pack deal?  It's a pretty awesome deal to get 12 heroes with costumes and a ton of cards for $120, and they even throw in Ghost Rider's bundle.  Not that I'll buy it, since $120 is a bit out of the price range of a recent college graduate who still needs a full-time job.  I'll probably pick up Rogue's bundle if she turns out to be one of the unannounced heroes, though, and I'll probably grab some of the others with splinters.  Invisible Woman and Venom sound especially fun.  Also, your Doctor Strange is part of the pack, if you haven't checked it out, yet!

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