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    Bug report: Marksman rifle with Iron Sights has Sniper RIfle hit box, not Assault Rifle hit box?

      Bug report: Marksman rifle with Iron Sights has Sniper RIfle hit box, not Assault Rifle hit box?

      This can also be considered as feedback.


      Marksman rifle - one shot rifle with attached scope as in Sniper rifle. Smaller damage, lower mobility, but semi-auto and slightly different parameters. Can have various attachments, including Iron Sights, which completely removes scope.

      Sniper rifle - scope-only one-shot rifle (either bolt-action or semi-auto) with only a few attachments.


      Hit box (the area around an enemy where hit is registered) for these two types of weapons is very small (conclusion based on my observations, I racked up over 1000 kills with sniper rifles). This means you have to hit the target very precisely, otherwise the hit won't register.


      Problem is: very precise aiming requirement on sniper rifles is very vague. You can shoot the target several times just to watch bullets fly through them without dealing any damage. In one of the recent patches progress was made on the topic - now its easier to hit with a sniper rifle, or so it seems.

      Problem with Marksman rifle is - changes were made only to sniper rifles, while marksman rifles remained the same - they're very hard to hit with, especially at closer ranges.


      My conclusion on marksman rifles - they still suffer from terribly high accuracy requirement, same as sniper rifle originally had. While using the scope I can hit most of the time just fine (because I mostly aim at distant and stationary targets), I also have lots of trouble shooting with Iron Sights attachment.


      My opinion on this: with iron sights marksman rifle acts as a sniper rifle. But it shouldn't! It should have AR logics behind it - its basically an assault rifle with single bullet fire mode attachment! But this should only happen when iron sight is used (you can't really snipe with it any better than you would with any other AR, or AR would be superior thanks to ability to use any scope, and not only iron sights).


      Under AR logics I mean hit box, used by assault rifles. Its much larger, or so I believe. You can shoot wildly into the air and hit most of the time. You can't do the same with MR or Sniper.


      To sum it up:
      I believe sniper rifle hit box was modified slightly, but Marksman rifle hit box wasn't modified at all, and this is a big problem for me.. It would make sense to set marksman rifle accuracy to be same or better than a sniper rifle (its a weapon between a sniper rifle and assault rifle). It would also make sense (in my opinion) to use Assaut Rifle hit logics on Marksman Rifle with Iron Sights scope (to give players a valid reason to use iron sights at all, currently there isn't one - it takes away attachment slot, takes away scope and makes it hard to hit a non-stationary target, especially at closer distances).