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    Any active MW3 Clans?

      Hey everyone, I'm looking for an active Modern Warfare 3 clan, preferably quickscoping. Reply if you have any information

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          Re: Any active MW3 Clans?


          On Xbox 360
          GT: Supah Negro

          8th Prestige, Level 16 (at the time of this post)


          Tryhard Class: ACR, USP, Semtex, Portable Radar, SoH, Assassin, Stalker, Specialist (Scavenger, Quickdraw, Hardline), and Revenge


          QuickScope Class: MSR, USP, Throwing Knife, Portable, SoH, Quickdraw, Dead Silence, Specialist (Assassin, Sitrep, Hardline), and Revenge



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