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    Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

      I don;t really know if anybody has noticed this over playing TranZit, but after completing the easter egg you can do something else. At the laundry mat within Town, you can shoot the door several times and tons of energy from the pylon will fly around the place like a firework show.

      Now, after this happened, me and my friends were getting that WTF feeling, we went to look at the TV at farm as a cautious act and its starts making odd noises without holding X on it, not its usual noise. Next thing we know something dropped down from the pylon, my friend had told us this so we went to look. Another bonus drop? Yup another bonus drop.


      This is where things were really creeping me out, the power randomly turned off. Yet all of us were under the pylon, so we were at this time very freaked out. I sent a friend to check it out, and when he got there the power was off as we expected, turned it back on again and he ran to town. This may sound like a story, but it is a true one, I watched this in theatre a while back, the pylon was shooting blue beams at the laundry mat door, but not the front one. The back alley one. We ended it after this because it was getting damn scary, but we are going to do it again, Tommorrow. There is indeed something in TranZit we have not found.

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