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    A complete list of maps I consider decent


      1: Overlord.


      That is all. The rest of moderate to large maps have debris and camping spots everywhere.

      The smaller maps are horrible mindless run around mazes with corners everywhere and are mindnumbingly boring to play.

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          I like Octane the best


          Stormfront is the worst

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            Boring to play. Because of all the pathways it's more challenging. The enemy can come from more directions and you can flank almost every spot.


            Overlord is a boring map. Most battles are in the big building. The sides almost nobody goes there.

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              BBest chasm stormfront and strike zone and freight


              wworst overlord octane and flooded


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                Strike zone


                Those are the best maps, camping or not. Even though Freight is an imbalanced piece of crap for blitz.

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                  I like all the maps, people that back out or quit because of the map need to learn more than one play style. What is more boring, playing slower or backing out and waiting 10 min for another lobby that is on the one map you are good at. Adapt or die.

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                    Strikezone, Freight, Prisonbreak  and Octane are the only playable maps

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                      Flooded is the only one that really makes my head spin.  That and the one in the factory setting (haven't memorized all the names yet).  But flooded is just so chaotic and has so many levels and quasi-levels with its apocalyptic destruction.


                      Overall I think any issue I have with these maps is simply b/c they aren't as easy to learn as Black Ops 2 maps, a game I put 100s of hours into.  Once I learn the Ghosts maps better I think I'll be fine with all of them.  All through BO2 I was wishing for bigger and more complex maps.  Got that with Ghosts, so I certainly shouldn't be complaining now!  haha

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                        the other maps just have no flow to them..just ppl running around randomly...seems the big circular maps are like this

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                          This is my best-to-worst list at the moment. I'm sooo glad IW shook this title up by overhauling CoD map design.









                          Prison Break







                          Free Fall

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                            Listing maps is pointless. As a long time CoD player, the biggest thing I have learned is that it takes all kinds of kinds.


                            Some love the little maps, others despise them. Some dig huge maps, others hate them. What you think is a horrible map, others may absolutely love. Take Nuketown, for example. Not one of my favorites, I enjoyed it in moderation, but for some reason many were crazy about it.


                            The key to maps is variety. Not all are going to be to your liking. But good players learn each map, even the ones they hate. They figure out their strategy and eventually learn to have success on all of them. I personally challenge myself to stick with maps I am not fond of. For the first several play sessions, for example, I couldn't stand Siege. Just kept dying from every angle. Today it is not my favorite map still, however I figured out how I need to play it and have done a lot better.


                            Issue is, people decide they hate certain maps... and quit when they come up in the rotation, adding to the already complex issue of Match-making. (CoD Community's sense of entitlement strikes again) Stick out every map in the rotation and you will be all the better for it. Helps prevent burn out on the game as well, when you allow for variety in the rotation.

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                                My main takeaway from your post here is BALANCE.  Give me a mix of small hectic maps and large sprawling maps, circular maps and funnel maps, flat maps and vertical maps and I'm a happy camper.  BO2 was alot of fun, but it was constant frenetic madness with like 1 or 2 exceptions.  I needed more of those exceptions to make it feel like a well-rounded game.  To be fair, I only purchased on set of DLC maps, so I may have missed some diversity there.


                                The reason so many people liked Nuketown was that it was constant action.  For better or worse, you couldn't go 10 seconds without a firefight, and usually much less than that. 

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                                    Balance is a good way to put it.


                                    I don't mind constant action, but I also like the more slow paced matches from time to time as well. They have a certain intensity that is just hard to describe.


                                    Issue is, CoD Players want what THEY want, have no patience for what others may enjoy. They are selfish and thus impact match-making and the overall experience. Enjoyment can be found in pretty much every map... and while I can certainly feel people's pain when I get into awful matches on Maps I am not crazy about, I look at it as a learning/growing experience.