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    Way to many hackers and prestiege lobbys


      Lately it seems like every second game I find theirs always at least 2 prestiege 10 guys who's playtime is only 30 minutes -__- I have tried reporting them over and over but infinity ward dosen't really respond to these things It feels like that no one has been kicked offline yet even in the leaderboards its ridiculous please infinity ward fix this and ban hackers or make it so reporting actually does something I play this on the 360 and soon one the xbox one I don't know if other consoles or pc has this much hackers but its making me feel really unfair. im only prestiege 3 with a 2kd but I want to get to prestiege 10 legit but all these hackers are just annoying me I feel like sending them  hurtful messages when I see a pretiege 10 who has only played 10 minutes of the game!