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    PS4 Season Pass Issue SOLVED

      Hey Guys


      I bought the hardened edition of the game and entered the code into the store, about a week ago now, and it said it had redeemed successfully. We all know how that story goes.......


      Anyways fast forward to today and I did this:


      1) On the PS4 menu screen go to COD Ghosts
      2) Then got to RELATED ITEMS.

      3) See if you can see the TEAM LEADER ADD-ON
      4) if you can then choose it and download it.
      5) Once it is downloaded the Season Pass should also download to the PS4.


      If you can not see the team leader add-on you are probably are going to have to wait for a fix from sony or activision.


      I can now see it on my PS4 download list as well as the PC online store download list


      Happy Hunting