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    RGM2 recruiting new members (Xbox only) Gold clan tag

      The RGM2 clan is looking for regular and well performing COD Black ops 2 gamers!

      Clan level: 13

      Clan tag: RGM2 (Gold clan tag)

      Clan name: The Maxis clan


      Game modes


      We usually operate on both Zombies and Multiplayer, clan members can ask either xX Sh4doWkillZ or TSK xH3llFiRezZ who are the clan leaders if they want to do any easter eggs on zombies, most existing members have all gotten to do BOTH sides to all easter eggs. If you want to join then simply apply on elite, search the clan RGM2/The Maxis clan and send an apllication.

      Requirements are that you must have over 2 bones on zombies, unless rank has corrupted which I can very easily find out without even turning to Activision. KD on Multiplayer does not matter, I know how glitchy those leaderboards can be sometimes. xX Sh4doWkillZ is THEE main clan leader, applications are accepted by me only, xX Sh4doWkillZ is my Gamertag.

      Rules are that whatever me or my 2nd in command put across to clan members must be followed, or else, you know what happens. (This does not include game invites or stuff like that, just clan based stuff.) This is not harsh at all, we give members the freedom to do what they wish unlike most other clans, who are strictly set on a certain style of play. However, when clan challenges for zombies are enlisted and in process, NO GLITCHING OR EXPLOITATION in zombies, Can't stress this anymore. If you are caught then you will be kicked. (I do often go over clan members games to make sure.) When a challenge is not in action then glitch as you wish, check elite over time to be sure, there will be no excuses.


      RGM2 is a great clan to join if you are a zombies fan, or like multiplayer. We aim to become global at some point in the future, so far we are doing well.

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