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    Still plenty of kids quickscoping then?

      Just bought the game after a COD sabatical...


      I notice that nothing has been done about quickscoping again, so I assume that the child dollar is still the defining factor...


      Is there a Sniper free playlist, or anywhere other than Hardcore where the playing field is a bit more realistic?

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          1. Re: Still plenty of kids quickscoping then?

          NOPE, they are popping up everywhere like mushrooms and are planning to stay

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            2. Re: Still plenty of kids quickscoping then?

            I know right, it is very annoying when you are going on a good streak and some quickscoper just pops out of no where and kills you at close range. There needs to be a patch on snipers

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              3. Re: Still plenty of kids quickscoping then?

              don't  get me wrong, i can say bravo to a well placed snipershot from across the map, but when someone can lift their sniper faster then an smg or even a assault riffle there is something wrong, and I know its a videogame but this is something in my opinion that should be a weakness(slowest ads) i.e. as the decreased mobility for an lmg...

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                4. Re: Still plenty of kids quickscoping then?

                They do have slower ADS. but sniping in general is easier in ghosts

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                  5. Re: Still plenty of kids quickscoping then?

                  Call Of Duty is OWNED! lock stock and barrel by quickscopers and always will be. I look forward to the day an alternative pops up that's not reliant on team work like Battle field at which time I will run away from COD and never look back.

                  IW were bald faced liars to imply that things were any different.

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                    6. Re: Still plenty of kids quickscoping then?

                    IW said it could change because of the new ADS.. not that it would change. and i have yet to run into people quick scoping in every game

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                      7. Re: Still plenty of kids quickscoping then?

                      Its called Lying through omission and its a term everybody should be familiar with.

                      I have been killed enough by quick scopes at close SMG range while using an SMG with rapid fire no less and turning their screen red to know its alive and doing well. Now combine that with the maps built with long range sniping in mind and you get quite the perfect sniping storm.

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                        8. Re: Still plenty of kids quickscoping then?

                        Call me old fashioned, but I'd love to see the weapon groups mirror their real world name sakes...


                        When you have people running around with a 50 cal heavy sniper which was manufactured for high accuracy long distance work, and using it like a shotty, the realism is gone...


                        I know it's a video game, but what is the point in having different weapon groups?

                        Why is a Sniper a 1HK at any range, whereas an LMG which uses the same bullets is a 3 or 4 hit kill?

                        How can a Sniper rifle out gun an SMG in CQC?


                        The only way I found to level the playing field in previous titles is to play HC so most of the guns are a 1HK...


                        I like Sniping a lot, but I do it properly, in terms of how the manufacturers designed the guns, i.e. making use of the Bipod on the heavy guns... You basically shouldn't be able to use a sniper as a shotgun...


                        Nothing says BS like putting a few LMG rounds into someone and being quickscoped. It doesn't happen a great deal in reality, but it shouldn't happen at all...

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                          9. Re: Still plenty of kids quickscoping then?

                          why is it that everyone decides to say that whoever is doing whatever it is they dislike a child, as if children are the only ones to do such things. in my experience its not young teens or kids who use most of the hated things like quickscoping.


                          I dont get the people who have an issue with quickscoping. its simply another part of the game and the natural evolution of snipers. What I mean by evolution is the fact that as snipers we try to pull off the best shot we can. At first you may need to be sitting still watching a specific area through your scope, but the more you snipe the better at it you get. and at a certain level you learn that staying sighted through the scope is actually a bad thing to do. it limits your field of view and slows your ability to move. for example if you see an enemy booking it across your screen, is it better to follow them while scoped in? It isnt, it is actually better to to track them while not being scoped in and then scoping in once you have them near the center of your screen thus bringing your crosshairs closer to them quicker and easier. 


                          From there since you dont need to be scoped in it frees you up substantially. and its at this point that snipers begin trying to scope in and kill the enemy faster and faster as they get better. The reason is simple, The less time you spend trying to kill an enemy the better off you are. Now that you can kill quickly while not having to be scoped in from before they show up, A good sniper will be able to move around. Think of it as trying to get to a better position to kill the enemy, which is what we are all trying to accomplish by moving. But placing yourself out in the open has draw backs. As such most snipers will continue to be one the move.


                          Run n Gun sniping is every bit apart of cod as anything else.

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