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        10. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

        Also the laundry door is old news to me, but after what I saw it do was nothing anybody on youtube has yet put up, but I don't know, maybe people have had this happen to them too.


        You should search up a user called Reaper2909. I guarantee that you did not get any better results from the beams and orbs than he did. He was getting some of the most impressive light shows in Tranzit out of anyone to date.


        Also I was working on putting up a vid from theatre but it was quite a while back and is no longer there, so I'm doing it again today to get another bit of footage.


        Don't want to sound like a douche, but if I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say this during the hunt for the next step in December, I would literally be a millionaire by now.



        Of the hundreds of thousands of people who played Tranzit and searched for the next step, no one ever reported the power going off by itself without someone having done it. I am sure you could not have had all 4 players with you the entire time, and if it was a while back as you say, then there is no reason to rule out someone having turned it off at some point or a stray EMP having been thrown towards power. Either way, without video evidence, there is little we can take from it.


        I doubt there is a continuation that required power to be on at one point for it then to shut off later on. Both sides of the EE are quite specific about having it either on or off, but who knows. I had a look around last night and tbh, I could noy muster up enough strength or motivation to dig deep.


        There is literally NOTHING I have not already tried in the past, so why bother now!? Nah... I am done with Tranzit. If there IS something else, someone else can find it.

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          11. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

          Even though it was a while back, I can remember perfectly when the power went off. All players were in front of me when the power went off and we had no reason to turn it off anyways. I'm not too interested if there was a next step but it would b good if it was to be found sometime. But there is a lot of suspicous things going on, things that never to happen after the easter egg. Nobody who was playing with me is a filthy troller, so it would a very, very big surprise if one person ran off and slipped the pwer off anyway. And as said, after that match a looked in theatre at the whole thing, nobody was at the power station when this happened. (Also failing to save the damn video).


          I've had a huge amount of odd things happening to me on that map, why, I don't know. Also my friend who did it again says it did a similiar thing, the power turned off but this time it was just a stupid little kid who thought he could join and troll. I'm not telling jokes when I said I couldn't put up a vid because of it being quite some time ago (2 months) but I could remember clearly what happened.

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            12. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

            I've yet to see anyone get the beams to hit the Laundromat on PS3. So that's why most people (including me) think it's rubbish. A mistake that ended up not getting patched, by all means keep trying because I'd like to be wrong. But people have covered every centimeter of the map, the files, everything. Other than staying in the Laundromat so zombies can only come in front of you, I don't even see the point of opening that door, if there was more map past that room we would have known about it.

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              13. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

              Well it may only be on xbox, or it could be on PS3 only nobody does it in your games. It only took 50 bullets from the HAMR to set the beams going, but it doesn't really look like an accidental thing. It can be repeated constantly, the beams always hit that specific door or the alley way door.

              Its just a matter of somebody having the patience to roam the map looking in every area top to bottom several times over, I've done it about 3 times and have found different random things (e.g. The turbine flying off, the 2nd most annoying thing when trying to do the Maxis side) Even though flying equipment is common to all maps, mostly.


              I have to admit the laundry store looks like it can be accessed via some sort of way, a lot of people rely on youtubers to find these secrets. If they fail then other gamers class it as "fake" or "just a glitch", a thing that I certainly don't think. I only like to confirm stuff for myself unless the game company themselves do it, I don't care whether youtubers say its confirmed because most of the time it ain't.

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                14. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

                yeah, us ps3 people cannot duplicate the lights so...

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                  15. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

                  I'm probably about to sound like an a$$, but this is exactly why I hardly get on this forum anymore is because of post like this.


                  I'm on PS3 and like most people above me already stated... NO ONE on PS3 has ever seen beams that go to the laundry door and it's been OVER A YEAR.  You would think that after a year of searching and trying everything possible that people would figure out that it's over.  I would like to be wrong about this too, but it's over.

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                    16. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

                    and just to add in there... I've did both sides of the EE for Tranzit on PS3 and it doesn't change anything.  No beams... no nothing.  You get the trophy... the drops in the corn field... and the glowing map icon after you complete the EE and that's it.  Nothing more.


                    .....if the beams ever show up on PS3 THEN you can continue searching.  Until then, I wouldn't waste anymore time.

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                      17. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

                      You get the orbs, no? On streetlight(s) and on pylon? Beams are probably a graphical glitch, but 'nothing more' means orbs, actually. That's enough reason for anyone to keep 'wasting time', if they have it to waste.

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                        18. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

                        Yeah, the orbs can definitely be seen on PS3, so maybe the beams are a graphical glitch, but if the orbs can be seen on all 4 platforms (yep... Wii U can get the orbs too), then perhaps they are related to a continuation.


                        A player can only ever see one of the 4 orbs that appears on the tower or traffic lights in town, and we get 4 of them all in... so what if each player is supposed to do something to activate their own orb? If you can only ever see your own orb, then maybe each player is required to perform a certain task in order to activate them!? I know I have never seen a game where all 4 orbs have been present. 2 in one game, yes... but never 4.


                        It also makes you think they could be related to a continuation because none of the orbs ever show up until after the ToB has been completed. No lit up tower? No orbs!

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                          19. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

                          Honestly I think its just something that they planned to be featured in the EE but never got around to finishing. Ditto with the beams. It kept people playing Tranzit, so why take it out?

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