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    [[Xbox One]] D12 - Dirty_Dozen Clan Recruiting for Diamond Division

      D12 - Dirty_Dozen

      Clan of friends looking for members who like to play in full groups in all game types.  We won the first Diamond Clan war and plan to keep dominating Clan Wars, so join now before the next one begins!  We are level 25 (All Unlocks) and have over 30 Active Members all playing on XBOX ONE. Most members are US based in the EST Time zone. 


      Send a message in game to Blackoutdawg13 for an invite or Apply on the App.


      Sign up on our website after you get accepted: http://dirtydozen-d12.enjin.com/recruitment



      - Mic

      - 1.50 K/D Ratio

      - 50% Win Ratio

      - Active Group Player

      - Over 60 Hrs Playtime

      - Very Active During Clan Wars

      - Able to participate for 4 whole hours in Diamond Division on Friday - Sunday 7-11pm EST and/or PST

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