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    12 Fixes/Updates IW SHOULD Be Working On Right Now

      - Fix for the multiple ways of getting more then 2 primary weapons

      - Fix for the meteors not spawning when someone would kill themselves

      - Fix for an incident where a player would be stuck with a pistol, and couldn't buy anything or use their primary weapon

      - Fix for aliens going through certain surfaces (buildings,hills,rocks)

      - Fix for the scropion acid look when it was on certain spots (trees,hay,hills)

      - Fix for getting thrown into a game that already started

      - Fix for getting put into the same lobby after leaving it several times

      - Fix for the leaderboards hackers

      - Added a feature where you could un- ready up

      - Added more time to the countdown for the game to start (4sec-8sec)

      - Added a Tips screen that would help unexperienced players

      - Added a way to pause the game while playing solo

      ~Thats all I could think of guys, if you can think of others please comment!~

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          Re: 12 Fixes/Updates IW SHOULD Be Working On Right Now

          -Added a way to filter/restrict lobby to ppl with mics only

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            Re: 12 Fixes/Updates IW SHOULD Be Working On Right Now

            - Fix the problem that exists when a host migration occurs, and whilst you see it say "50 blocks sent" etc. the aliens are attacking you. Stop this from happening. If you are unable to move, so should the aliens, otherwise you end up in last stand before you even get a chance to do anything.


            Sideburn, personally I would hate that, but I understand people wanting it. I don't have a mic, but feel as though I am good and know what I am doing and when etc. I'm a fast learner too, so if when new maps are out, and I have yet to play it but get stuck in a lobby with people who have played several times already, i could pick up fast what to do or not to do.


            So hopefully this isn't an option.

            Instead though, it'd be great to put people that have prestiged all 5 times with one another, or at the very least put those who are below rank 20 together,because 9 times out of 10, they are rubbish, and don't support them team by giving ammo, armor etc and worse of all, they usually don't help do the challenges.

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                Re: 12 Fixes/Updates IW SHOULD Be Working On Right Now

                To your point, sounds like you would agree that a run with ppl with mic are more likely to have success than a group where mics are absent. Especially when it takes only one person to mess up some of the challenges.


                As a person with a mic, I find it risky to even start a game with ppl without mics. I like to discuss/rearrange the team loadouts so we don't have redundant stuff, coordinating this is difficult without mics. Discussing strategy on who's focusing on what, how many relics ppl are using, etc, etc are all non-existent for ppl without mics. Mics just brings the teamwork aspect of this game to the next level and I don't see how anyone would disagree with that.


                My question is why do ppl choose to not use/have mics? they're cheap and you spent $60 on this game, so I doubt it's the cost. It's not like you need to talk all the time if you have a mic, if ppl don't like to be chatty. Some of the best/enjoyable runs I've had were relatively low chatter with ppl that knew what they were doing. Some of the worst experiences are game with chatty little kids and ppl with terrible mics.


                I'm sure there are a lot of great players that play without mics, I just find it's more enjoyable/reliable to play with ppl with mics where there's more communication/teamwork going on. If they do implement a filter or restriction, great, and if ppl without mics feel excluded, then they should get mics (and not that kinect mic BS). If not then i'll just continue to do what I've been doing anyway which is find ppl with mics to party with.

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                Re: 12 Fixes/Updates IW SHOULD Be Working On Right Now

                I think there is another one which happened to me.

                - Fix it so that when you pick up your Sentry Gun just as the alien gets of it after destroying it, you will be holding an invisible Sentry Gun, making you have nothing in your hand and acting as if your carrying a Sentry Gun... You basically can't do anything, the only way to get out of this is to bleed out, example... jumping of the map.

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                  Re: 12 Fixes/Updates IW SHOULD Be Working On Right Now

                  - Allow the players to carry two of the same tactical equipment or add it to the Engineer or Pistol upgrade

                  - Add "Take no damage from traps" to the Engineer

                  - The "traps last longer" for the Engineer doesn't work

                  - Drop attachments on the ground when buying a new primary weapon

                  - Add a confirmation for buying a new primary when the player already has one (Two with Pistol upgrade)

                  - Don't reload when picking up special ammo of the same type that is already in the clip

                  - When reloading just before Team Booster wears off, the player can't aim down sights or shoot for a few seconds

                  - The players can be downed after the drill is destroyed & the score board appears


                  Also had a glitch where i couldn't swap weapons unless i used all the ammo & it automatically swapped… this lasted for a few minutes but only happened once

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