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    How exactly??

      I won 4/5 of my placement matches and it still placed me in Bronze division..... That doesn't make any sense normally if you win 4/5 matches it puts u in high gold or platinum division.....


      WTF Treyarch?????


      I only bought this game again was, because Infinity ward disappointed me with Ghosts.. I already know Bo2 is bad!!!!!!!!



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          Re: How exactly??

          If you already know a game is bad and you buy it again there is only one sucker.......YOU! Stop buying CoD games and move on.. CoD is dying already.

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            Re: How exactly??

            @AUTHOR: So what if you won 4/5 placement games? You probably just had a good team. Your not gonna receive a high rank if you dropped the NEG bomb, and got carried every game you played.

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            I'm a Master rank #2. Anyway, I decided to create another account. To see if I would get Master straight away. So i played my five placement games, I won all 5. Every game, I carried. I even dropped 68 kill(s) on Hardpoint Slums.


            Search & Destroy I got a 19:2. The other 3 games, were Hardpoint/CTF, each game I got 30+ kills & carried. What rank did i get? Fucken Silver.

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