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    The Next Call of Duty in the Ghosts series: "Call of Duty: Ghost Walker"

      If I could name the next Call of Duty, I'd call it "Call of Duty: Ghost Walker"


      (Spoilers ahead.)




      Because you know how the main character, Logan Walker, is captured by Rorke at the end of the campaign, and it is implied that Rorke will brainwash Logan into later killing the rest of the Ghosts? Well, the next game could take place like 10-15 years later when Hesh Walker is a Captain or something and is tasked with hunting down the infamous "Ghost Walker": a cold blooded murderer of the Ghosts. The campaign won't reveal who the "Ghost Walker" is until near the end, where Hesh confronts the killer and their brotherhood is revealed. People will need to play the campaign to figure out whether Hesh will be forced to kill his brother or somehow save him from the brainwashing.


      Plausible story and title?