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    Game Freeze Occurrences Chart (Post Dec 5 Patch)

      Going off of Pwnsweet's idea, as a community we should compile a list of random game freezes and help our devs out. I hope A_Trey_U approves this thought as well. If you can identify almost exact circumstances, message me or maybe someone like Pwnsweet there, who can relay the information to me, or post (to the best of your knowledge) the exact circumstances of your game freeze with as many important details as you can in the comments below. If your report is too vague, it will be disregarded, for we need quality information for a difficult-to-identify problem like this, such as mode or lobby screen, map, general area, action level (AL) [high, moderate, low], in a party or not, or anything else that may be vital information. This thread will update with new counts and information every time I am on here, as long as you guys keep it going. I am also going to make a new thread after every patch, so keep yourself updated on the actual thread as well.


      Party - ///

      Solo - /

      1. Searching

      TDM - /


      2. During Match




      a. Stormfront

      A Flag -

      B Flag - ///

      C Flag -

      Hi - ///

      Mod -

      Low -




      Issues that are going to be disregarded at this time: freezing on the Raven in the intro, [we'll call it] the LobbyFreeze101

      Both of these are presumed to be fixed in an upcoming patch; the latter is on all systems