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        10. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

        toby_jugs wrote:




        safer to assume that they are in my opinion

        It's probably safer to assume that the players without clan tags are the ones boosting. People with nothing to hide, hide nothing

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          11. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

          Its so sad that people cant just play a game properly and seemingly HAVE to cheat. We've lost a piece of kit which some found genuinely useful (tac insert) because of people cheating, I hope we dont lose a fun idea like Clan Wars too. Report em to Beachhead on twitter OP, and I'd encourage anyone who runs into cheating clans to do likewise. Hopefully Beachhead and IW have the stones to strip cheaters of placements, and ban cheating clans from future wars.


          But hey, boosters gonna boost. I'd bet penny to a pound the clans doing this all boosted in past CoDs. Sad sacks -_-

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            12. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

            It is even worse when I have a group of friends who are using "Squads" to win Clan Wars. Basically they set their squads to different types according to Clan Wars nodes. Then they would play against one of their clan members squad according to the node until they get enough wins. Afterwards they would move on the next clan member's squad for the next node.


            They only have four active members from a roster of seven. Yet they are able to capture five to six nodes in five or less hours. I am on Xbox One and on a different clan. There are only two of us on Xbox One and we literally have to bust our rear-ends off because the rest of the clan is on 360. This type of activity really just irritates and saddens me. Worse part is we are all close personal friends. These folks prided themselves of not cheating and boosting and looked down on cheaters and boosters, yet they have become one themselves. Of course they will deny the whole usage of it.


            I just hope IW and BeachHead find a way to block this type of usage for Clan Wars. It is ruining something that would be fun for true clans to participate in. I know from the end of this second Clan Wars. I will never hear the end of them bragging that they have won first by capturing over five nodes.


            *****Of course this is all hearsay from another clan member. I myself have not confirmed this nor has anyone else.*****

            Well it looks like they captured all the nodes from what I have been shown. There is no possible way to capture and lose all nodes, then to bring down the other team to 0 and then build up your wins with only four active members. So yeah, there definitely needs to be changes.

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              13. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

              A lot of good feed back views and opinions please keep them coming in ,


              Bosters can easily be checked by looking at scores if they take large leads on the clan wars leader boards, by looking up their clan and jumping into their members games to see if they have 4 v 4 clan members or a 6 v 4 clan members in game.


              Solution is: The game should instantly not allow points during clan wars if clan members are on another team.

              If clan members legitimately want to play against one another they can create a private game.


              Clan Bolstering: Is another method of cheating starting a clan war with 10 members than adding 60 gives a huge and unfair advantage. Also Clans with high amounts of players leave their clan so the clan can get into a low division with 20 members than re add their members to take advantage of this.


              Solution: Do not allow recruitment till during clan wars period.


              Any other suggestions or feed back on other cheaters or experience,s is appreciated.

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                14. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

                Er, I'd say a better solution is that anyone who joins a clan whilst a war is active cannot contribute towards it.

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                  15. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

                  They also use "recruiting" as a cheat tool, requiring potential members to take "beatdowns" in order to become a member. I've seen a ton of this the last few days.

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                    16. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

                    I dont believe in the whole "no naming and shaming" scenario when it comes to hackers and cheaters.  This is by far the best Call of Duty since Black Ops, and it is being ruined by people who need to cheat to win.  My clan moved to platinum for this clan war, we ran two full parties for most of the night and won just about all of our matches, yet we only received a total of 24 cp by 12am, while the other two clans playing left us behind as they gained 100 CP and 150 CP, while playing with less people.  The rate in which they were gaining their wins was simply mind boggling.  After realizing we were placed in a division with two cheating clans, we have now decided that we can only compete for 3rd place.  This is the second clan war in a row that we have seen win boosting from other clans.  My guys are becoming extremely fed up, it isn't fair, and I fear it will not be taken care of.  There is truly nearly no point in even playing these games anymore.

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                      17. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

                      I'm with you that this win via forfeit thing sucks but I have to wonder what they can do about it.  There are legit people out there that on occasion win by forfeit as well.  Maybe it's a worthwhile thing to just exclude the forfeit wins?  It would suck for those that weren't cheating but in this case it may be best for the whole.


                      But now that I'm thinking about it if you exclude the forfeit wins then those clans that cheat will still join lobbies all together and just have their members on the short team go afk for the easy win.  So what you really need is a method to prevent clan members from joining lobbies where 6 clan members are already present.


                      As I think about it some more even that can be beaten.  Honestly, I don't know of a single way that they can prevent clans from stacking the deck without reviewing each and every game played and that just isn't going to happen.  Maybe I'm just to smart for my own good but I've already thought of at least 6 different ways to beat the system and the ones that I suggested and I wasn't even trying hard.  I would imagine that anyone that actually is set on cheating would find a way regardless of what system is put in place.  That's a depressing thought.

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                        18. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

                        I'm sure it happens but make sure you are certain they are cheating.


                        Last night me and 2 friends played HC TDM and we made 2 sets of clans leave because we were beasting them so bad.

                        No cheating, they were just sore losers.

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                          19. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

                          The forfeit win loophole would be easy to spot, and I'm sure some investigation would reveal whether or not clans were bringing in friends/clanmates so they could beat on them and guarantee wins.


                          I hope to see a spinoff of the 'Why Was I Banned' thread series; 'Where Did My Bodycount Gear Go?!'

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