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    Ghamorra's book of tactics: Inside the mind of a camper (Part I)

      Having problems with campers? Of course you are because campers are everywhere right?  They're ruining the game because Call of Duty is suppose to be fast paced and out of control.


      Well this is reason why you're having problems. Campers are not a problem, they aren't everywhere. Call of Duty isn't suppose to be played any specific way.


      Most of the community would define me as a camper, as the worst scum known to CoD. But what most of the community doesn't know is how I actually play. If I'm a camper so be it, I don't care what I'm labeled as. What I do care about is people understanding why it is that campers are such a nuance to them. So with further delay I'll dive right into it.


      My camping begins before the match even starts. It's in the class setup. Campers expect to live long lives and suffer few deaths. They also don't want to attract much attention. Because of this I equip my player with a class that keeps me undetected and independent. I don't want to rely on picking up other people's ammo nor do I want to be chased around the map. My favorite class is as follows:


      AR or MR (gun depends on the map)


           RDS or ACOG


           Muzzle Break


      Motion Sensor

      Off the Grid - Recon - Scavenger - Takedown



      This class maximizes stealth and ensures longevity. My secondary needs to be strong but versatile for when things get messy. My equipment watches my back, not to get kills. I just need to know someone is coming from my flank.


      Map choice is very important. Depending on the map you get you might not want to camp. While each map does have camping spots a camper always wants to be comfortable. If they don't find a camping route they like then camping will be difficult. Notice I said route, not corner or bush. A smart campers doesn't sit in the same spot the whole match. Camping out in the same location will never work, you have to be willing to move. Not far, but enough to keep the enemy guessing.


      Camping, unlike rushing, is not about getting ahead early and finishing quickly. It's about consistency, effeciency, and staying alive hoping that in the end you contribute as little harm to your team as possible. This isn't to say that campers are afraid. They aren't. My goal is contribute few deaths and staying alive to provide support.


      When the match starts I go to a pre-determined location of the map. One with a good vantage point over an objective with few area to be flanked. I place my equipment down behind me. It makes little sense to put an IED by a door I'll most likely check frequently so it's usually a good bit away. This also helps from the IED giving away my position. Too often campers place equipment in close proximity. If I see one lying down I can almost guess as too what nearby corner they are.


      After I set up my tent and campfire I begin surveying the area. A camper plays two games. The on the screen and one in their head. I keep mental notes as to where the enemy comes from. these are tendencies and patterns that allow me to predict where rushers are coming from. You'll often see me post about stupid rushers who don't pay attention to their surrounding, I'm not being mean, it's just the simple truth. I know that when a rusher takes off after a spawn they won't be looking anywhere other than right in front of them. I position myself so that I'm not obvious nor will I be in a location that they will most likely be looking when sprinting.


      At the start of the match my mental notes will usually give me two or three kills right off the start. From my position I will get those who take off immediately for the obvious routes such as the direct path to 'B'. Another thing I look for are fellow campers, or snipers. Sniping limits you to only a few spots on each map. As a camper I know these spots. After I take out the first wave of rushers I go sniper hunting. Snipers often scan quickly but they also have a OHK weapon in their hand. This means I take them out as a priority. NEVER SLEEP ON A SNIPER. If you see them once and don't kill them it will be your undoing if you don't wait for them to pop back up.


      I get a lot of kills on people who think I run away after getting hit a couple times. I don't. I wait just long enough for them to think that then I pop up and finish what they started. You ought to know that a camper will usually have a high powered weapon. If you don't finish them off they will end you in a hurry. Don't give them second chances.


      After the very beginning rush is over I will check my flank. There will always be at least one person who thinks they're smart to start off with the unsuspecting flank of the furthest side. It is smart, but I'm smarter. I like to find spots that are great ambush points for flankers. This is using a weakness to your advantage and it's what makes campers so tough.


      Rushers don't always have the luxury of smarter playing because they're constantly changing their situation. Campers prepare and execute using surprise to their advantage.The best defense of against a camper is to make sure you are paying attention to what's around you. If you're in too much of hurry to take time out of your day to look around a bit and slow your speed enough to not get too far out without being sure of what's behind you then you have no one to blame but yourself.

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          1. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 1)

          What is worse, the person accused of being a camper or the player who moans about constantly being killed by them

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            2. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 1)

            Just curious, but on a map like Stonehaven or Stormfront, what would your class setup be and what would be your general strategy? Good post by the way. Very informative.

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              3. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 1)

              I like to snipe on Stonehaven keeping most of my activity by the houses using the grass to hide in and pick people off then move around to a few other spots. Another key that I will touch on more later is keeping your back to the edge of the map. As my basketball coach always said, "use the sideline as a defender" and that's what you should do as much as possible.


              Stormfront has some real potential for camping and no, it's not in the giant office building. There are great places you can jump onto and lay prone giving great sniping vantage points. I mostly stick with an AR though. There are a lot of creative places that people won't see coming. I once stood next to a lone object in the middle of the street for half a match killing people as the ran around unsuspecting. The fact that I was out in the open people didn't think I was camping.

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                4. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 1)

                I feel as if my strategy for CoD Ghosts was just reveled lol. good post though you are one of the players I don't like playing against because you think tactical and know what going on all game long.. and like me I bet most games you get 20+ kills with 1-10 deaths.. it is us smart players that will dominate this CoD!

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                  5. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 1)

                  The game is truly no different then any other cod, the good players will do well. Ever since black ops 2 league play made me evaluate my talents as a player and turned me into a big sweaty tryhard im holding a 2.0 KD and a 5.0 Winloss, and this is as a primarliy very agressive and OBJ based player, in KC i will ALWAYS have the most tags in SnD i will gladly take that damn bomb and go head first, I will gladly Forgo the A\C flag in DOM and go right for it. I use Sub Machine guns almost exclusively I have 2000 Kills with all of them except the CBJ piece of trash its truly a game of how your gonna put your mind to it.


                  Campers or Rushers, As your post shows ghamorra, its all about choosing a playstyle and making it effective and being true to that play style you cant just take an AR in this game and run around like tank diesel, you will be eaten alive by the SMG's And the same is true for the SMG players trying to post up in head glitches for longer range kills you will get overpowered by the ARs more often then not, for those that want to rush still its all about using the edges of the map, more often then not the players posted up will be looking towards the middle of most maps because generally the most action happens there, so if you use the edge,  As was already said its a side you cant be attacked from and you can advance with more confidence and its just one less thing to sweep and clear!




                  Dont let this Dirty Campers Post about inside his mind fool you CAMPING STILL SUCKS


                  (just teasing, Im not a fan of it but god damn it if im running hind helo loki i will camp and let my hind get me my kills )
                  anywayyyy \rant

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                    6. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 1)

                    This is a completely different perspective of a camper from a camper. My initial view of a camper is that they ruin the game, always sitting in corners. I always thought to myself- how could they POSSIBLY have fun playing this game if all the things they do is find a corner and press the trigger? I thought that they were just underage kids that were too darn scared to do anything in fear that they would be killed often because of their lack of experience.


                    "Camping, unlike rushing, is not about getting ahead early and finishing quickly. It's about consistency, effeciency, and staying alive hoping that in the end you contribute as little harm to your team as possible. This isn't to say that campers are afraid. They aren't. My goal is contribute few deaths and staying alive to provide support."


                    These entire three lines changed my mind about campers. If every camper was like this, id feel a bit better. For a time. However, as much as I wish every camper thought like this, i'm almost certain its not always the case. I've played with people that said they camped because they wanted to annoy the enemy team, and a few that said they camped because they feel like they need to preserve their K/D. I really wish that this issue was a little less prominent these days.


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                      7. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 1)

                      The funniest thing is: A "Rusher" will say that anything less than constantly moving is "Camping"


                      If people would get that out their heads, we can move on.


                      That is all.

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                        8. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 1)

                        Great post, the one thing I do not like about Ghost: I can't simply join your games and battle you G' as in BO2. Your strategy sounds like fun, soon i'll be testing how strong your camp fire burns

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                          9. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 1)

                          I don't want to sound cheesy, but what you said made this post worth the hour of typing. Knowing that I can shed some light on everything a camper does outside the 5 second killcam puts us one step closer to getting past the .01% of campers that ruin the name of a perfectly legit strategy.

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