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    Best graphics settings? EVGA 760 SC 2GB

      Hi guys,

      So i have been trying to configure the best graphics settings for my rig that would provide fairly smooth/responsive gameplay, but with decent graphics. So far I haven't had the best of luck with getting something that runs well. What I am running is:


      Windows 8.1 64bit

      AMD FX-6300 six-core processor 3.5 GHZ with 4.1 GHz boost

      EVGA GTX 760 Super Clocked  (used EVGA precision to overclock +40 MHz core offset, +95MHz mem core offset)

      8GB Ram

      600 Watt Corsair PSU

      And a 1080p TV as a monitor


      What do you guys think I should set the video settings to?


      Any help would be appreciated?

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          Re: Best graphics settings? EVGA 760 SC 2GB

          Why don't you start with the recommendation from Nvidia Experience and continue on from there? They've updated their profiles several times already and should be quite good.

          The only change I'd use is windowed - no border.

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            Re: Best graphics settings? EVGA 760 SC 2GB

            Here are mine and they work okay use your correct resolution e.g. 1920x1080 - http://i.imgur.com/SdCHK2F.jpg and with a single GPU change the top (2) in bold the others below help in SLI - http://i.imgur.com/N1A9qKE.jpg I wish I could say Nvidia's Experience were 'good' but maybe with the newest version and the Performance Slider shifted to the 'left.'

            Truth is none are OMG great, but there's a beginning and you might want to checkout some of these Config tweaks - Ghosts Optimizations Summary - Steam Users' Forums


            Good Luck!

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                Re: Best graphics settings? EVGA 760 SC 2GB

                No, don't ever put the slider to the left in Ghosts. Trust me. It looks like Minecraft then, literally. I couldn't believe this.

                Might also been an error from Nvidia's side but it was more than ugly. I think Half Life 1 looked nicer back when I played it for the first time.


                GF Experience just gives you a rough guideline and if you don't like the result you can change a setting here and there to have it match your taste.

                For whatever reason, "max" doesn't work this time around. Not with this amount of performance at least, why is beyond me.

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                    Re: Best graphics settings? EVGA 760 SC 2GB

                    I test guns, perks and GPU settings in a Private Match and as always I never use Nvidia Experience settings in any Multiplayer game. Pff In BO2 I could have everything turned-down and it still looked GOOD, in Ghosts pff yeah right. The settings I posted work pretty good and avoid most of the FPS drops, Engagement FPS drops, etc.

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                        Re: Best graphics settings? EVGA 760 SC 2GB

                        This must have been the first game where I actually tried out Experience. I was puzzled, stunned, when I saw how this game ran on my machine and how it looked in comparison.

                        I've been playing CoD for a very long time already and I've always used "at least" maximum settings exclusively, usually even added something to give it some nice looks (Nvidia AO & transparency supersampling in MW1, WaW and MW2 for example or simple config edits on top of the normal game settings).


                        Experience, here, should normally be enough to find the "neckbreaker". I'm sure a little more or less AA won't do much harm but things like Physx smoke or that funny fur shader thing could do some harm.

                        The main problem remains to be found though. Experience lowers several settings and at least one has to be the cause of the usual hitching/stuttering I get on max. Probably textures due to "limited" VRAM, maybe we'll find out some day.

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                            Re: Best graphics settings? EVGA 760 SC 2GB

                            FPS Gaming is 100% about 'buttery smooth' performance and all that entails and nothing more. As long as I can quickly identify without rendering impedance the enemy that's all I care about. In the example of Multiplayer BO2 I had my settings deliberately low and my FPS pegged @ 200 even on my 60 Hz monitor. To reduce Lag my PC is DMZ Host and with my AV turned-off.


                            I stark contrast if I'm playing some campaign or adventure MMO etc sure turn that 'stuff' up AA, Textures or you name it within the limits of my equipment.


                            FPS Games are all about 'killing' not whether or not lines are 'jagged' or the scenery is 'pretty.' As far as Ghosts vRAM usage, it's a sign of a broken game engine; even a GTX Titan's 6GB vRAM is nearly fully saturated on a frigging HD 1920x1080 monitor resolution.

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                                Re: Best graphics settings? EVGA 760 SC 2GB

                                I always like to have my games pretty & smooth, all the time. I spend way too much time in multiplayer to look at bland textures and jagged lines

                                Especially jaggies are a pain as I need to have a clean, clear picture to make out targets at a distance. That's one reason I always liked CoD, you really had a clear long viewing distance and could hit "pixel-perfect" even at range.

                                BO2 ran at 125fps constant, with maximum detail (+ SweetFX), so I never bothered to go even higher. In combination with a 120Hz sceen I was more than fine with the result.

                                Now? Laggy game, much lower fps and no really clear picture. It all shattered to pieces...

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                                    Re: Best graphics settings? EVGA 760 SC 2GB

                                    Then I 100% guarantee you you lost maybe 1,000's of gunfights needlessly. I'm running a 27" 2560x1440 panel and that resolution alone reduces the need to higher AA's; only 1920x1080 TN panels offer 120/144 Hz and most with horrible TN limited colors and low angles.


                                    A lot of your 'Lag' is attributed to AA and other visual settings and though 'Lag Comp' is a problem, derp especially in P2P games many folks confuse FPS Stuttering with Lag and Lag Comp. My feeling you're one of them and don't even realize it.


                                    Try lower settings and compare...I and a boat load of others have and know: FPS game = max & rock stable FPS (frame-rates). Then 'Open NAT' etc next.


                                    Listen I've compared vSync (60 FPS), 90, 120, and 200 FPS and the more the merrier in ALL FPS games. Ghosts is so broken the only thing I care about are FPS dips regardless if 60 or 90 (91). I want my details up enough to only SEE the enemy ... Ghosts ain't no Crysis!

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                                        Re: Best graphics settings? EVGA 760 SC 2GB

                                        I may have list some but I didn't lose many, trust me. Performance was very stable, both fps-wise and lag-wise.

                                        As long as the other guy had a good connection also there was no problem, at all. Lag comp usually hits me as my latency is *very* low.

                                        124/125fps is a known "landmark" for CoD and its Q3 engine so I always used that. No need to make the game look even worse.

                                        PS: People who can't get good colors out of TN monitors usually don't calibrate them or use the limited HDMI colors, often a bad preset by the manufacturer. Easily fixable though.

                                        Viewing angles is true, of course, but I don't mind that either. It's no TV so it only has to show a good picture for a single person at a single angle.

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                                            Re: Best graphics settings? EVGA 760 SC 2GB

                                            Here's the absolute Irony between us ... I have a good Dell IPS panel and I want performance v/s You having a TN 120 Hz panel with trust me lousy colors and saturation but you want the looks.


                                            My daughter's rig has 3xHD 120 Hz 3D monitors and they're as calibrated as I can make them, but OMG they look terrible in comparisons to even my cheapest Dell IPS monitor.


                                            As far as FPS I would agree 120 FPS (as i recall it's 125+/-) in BO2 is the minimum 'sweet-spot' but 200 FPS is still better BUT only if you can PEG and STAY @ 200 FPS...the key is the Frame-Drops and avoiding them which requires GPU(s) that not only can render but also consistently and without any FPS stutter including micro-stutters from SLI/CF.


                                            Ghosts is too far broken for any GPU or GPU(s) to matter anyway; managed crap. In contrast BF4 my SLI GTX 770's are sweet and ditto before in BO2...


                                            The millisecond there are 120/144 Hz IPS or PLS and they're affordable I'm all in escpically in 2560 or higher reslutions, I also have my Dell IPS OC'ed to 85 Hz; nice article though you'll have mixed results i.e. black screens with some OC's - Tweakipedia: Overclocking our ASUS PB278Q monitor, 2560x1440 at 85Hz | TweakTown


                                            /edit - our conversation is interesting and I'm not devaluing you or your ideas, we each have our own and that's good.

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                              Re: Best graphics settings? EVGA 760 SC 2GB

                              Thanks guys for the help, i will start trying some of these things and let you know how it goes


                              and what do you guys think about the adaptive vsync? do you think just forcing it on is better?


                              Also, how do i cap the framerate?

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                                  Re: Best graphics settings? EVGA 760 SC 2GB

                                  Vsync would only give you additional input lag so that's best to be kept off. You can set a framerate limit with tools like Nvidia Inspector for example.
                                  As it is capped at 91 by IW I capped mine at 76/77, according to an old "rule" of the engine (divide 1000 through an integer and use that as your limit, here it's 1000/13).

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                                    Re: Best graphics settings? EVGA 760 SC 2GB

                                    Don't use vSync and if anything in the nVidia's control panel 'Smooth' as illustrated above and then only if you're SLI.


                                    Listen there are no OMG good settings in Ghosts, and instead ones at best that keep you where you won't pull-out all of your hair i.e. playable.

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                                        Re: Best graphics settings? EVGA 760 SC 2GB

                                        Without Vsync i get terrible screen tearing, so its kind of a must.

                                        What I ended up doing was going to nvidia control panel>Manage 3D settings>program settings (and clicking iw6mp64_ship.exe from the drop down.)


                                        From there, i turned it to "single display performance mode" on the multi-monitor setting, "prefer maximum performance" on the power setting, then forced triple buffering and v-sync on.

                                        Besides that i'm on 1080p resolution and use 2xTSAA, and am near max settings.


                                        After that it is much smoother and more responsive than before, even when  the graphics and resolution settings were lower....


                                        So depending on your situation this could be a good option for some of you. You may want to mess with some of the in-game settings depending on your tastes though.

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