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    Progress Lost


      Today I get in to the game on my iphone and all my progress is Lost after many months playing.

      Tried installing on my Ipad and login into my Activate Account without Success.

      My account on activate is the same than here (my email).

      Please how can i recover my progress??


        • Re: Progress Lost

          I have no news from anyone.

          - Activate Name : Martinfe

          - Real world currency used on account : 00,00$ Skylanders Gols about 6,000,000 Coins

          - Level before/after the reset occurred: Before i dont really remember but about 32 After Reset level 1

          - Device being used : Iphone 4 with ios 5.1.1, tested later on New Ipad with 6.1 and with Iphone 4 with Ios 7.0.3

          - Date the issue occurred: I realized last 27th of October but i was 2 days without getting in to the game

          - Game Version: Lastest 1.7 (361746-370476)

          - Number of Skylanders: About 42 or 44 Skylanders.


          Please, I was months getting all this.