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    The Festive Pack

      Thank you Infinity Ward! I rather enjoy this pack.


      I didn't really care for any of the camouflage packs introduced in Black Ops II. Except for the Party Rock and Dia de los Muertos camos, and one or two of the assorted reticles, I didn't like any of the BO2 packs. The camos looked lazy and poorly created. The titles even more so. They looked like they were created using MS Paint.


      That said, I had a feeling Ghosts was going to continue the trend of releasing new DLC content along the lines of new personalization packs, and I was right. But I'm thankful that this time around it seems that time and effort was put into their creation. Festive looks great. The camo, patch/background, and reticle all look five-star awesome. And the saying that came with the patch? I had a good laugh let me tell you. Comparing Festive to the old packs from the previous game, I'd have to say well done IW. And the fact that it came free is even more appreciated. Hopefully future packs (and hopefully DLC weapons) will continue to look as if they were created with a little love to the fans.


      And the wolf? Nothing short of awesome.


      Thanks guys!