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    i am looking for a clan to join i am active

      i am looking for a clan that know how to win

      i am only level 1 because i do mlg matches games which are in private match

      if i was to say my kd on that it probably will be between 1.80 and 3.50


      info about me:

      i have a mic

      i am from UK

      i am active



      msg me on psn if i can my psn name is xPGRx

      or msg below this

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          Are you PS3? If so - read below



          [GDAM] - Gods Among Men -

          We are a fun and active level 16 clan looking to recruit ACTIVE players, or possibly absorb smaller clans for Clan Wars advantages. We came 2nd place in Platinum first Clan Wars, and 3rd in Gold in 2nd Clan Wars. We greatly reduced the size of our clan to 45 members, 20 of which being very active [online a few hours daily]. A lot of us have been playing together since MW3, through OPS 2, and now on to Ghosts, so we're a close-knit clan.


          We are an open clan as far as standards, but looking for 1+ KD and 1+ W/L ratio. Our primary matches consist of anything HARDCORE - mostly Hardcore KC. We are only recruiting players that are:

          1. Active

          2. Know how to work as a team [mic strongly encouraged for clan chat - we help each other and work as a unit]. We both R&G and hold down positions.

          3. looking to play with the REST of the clan, ESPECIALLY during Clan Wars. If you're online, we want you in a lobby with other clan members either taking or defending nodes - not off playing non-Clan Wars matches by yourself - we will kick you.

          4. Versatile. We play majority Hardcore matches - but need people who can also play softcore ie Blitz, Hunted, Cranked etc... for Clan Wars.


          Potential mergers - absorption:

          Small clans may be considered who enjoy playing with us for Clan Wars purposes. Where we lack as far as playing time in Clan Wars is during the day and later night/early morning [until 5pm USA EST and after 11pm USA EST]. Our clan members work/take classes during the day.


          For more information - contact on PS3 - agolffball

          or email GodsAmongMenGDAM@gmail.com


          Looking forward to hearing from potential recruits.

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            Hey man,


            come check us out at www.w2oe.com.  We have got some guys from the UK.  What system are you on?

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              Send a mesage to manofsteel420 on ps3 if interested clan is CFWT (cant f*** with this)

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                Join xDEMONxNINJASx. we are a small clan as we just started. there is still room for leadership within our clan. Message me at the clan name or LOUD--NINJA on the PS3

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                  Hello My Friend,


                  You might consider Joining TeaM_Radical Gaming --

                  I have a couple of posts within the recruitment forums that you might want to take a look at


                  We would be honored to have you.


                  Best regards

                  Team_ Radical